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Hello, all! Debuting some new segments for the show today, talking about college radio charts, and bumpin’ some killer tunes! Thank you all for listening! -T

How’s it going? A chill show today, and a brief hour long! Tune in next week for another small show before I go back to my normal schedule. Happy to be back! -T

Hope you guys have a wonderful summer! I will be returning to KPSU on Sunday, July 1st at 2:00 pm.

Recouping and vibe-ing while we listen to some songs you can find on my personal rotation.

Talkin’ about FOSTA-SESTA and trying to sooth the burn with a new song by the Wimps.

Just chillin’ here, my dudes, and bringing y’all some of my favorite tunes right now to kick off the Spring term right! Exciting shows to come in the next few weeks. Thank you all for listening and showing your support! -T

Join me as I talk with the bassist and vocalist of New Zealand witch rock band, HEX! We discuss their SXSW tour dates, themes and inspirations behind the music off of their most recent release, and more! Catch ya next week! -T

On this very special show, I interview Rusty from the Coathangers about starting a band, writing weird tunes, and how it feels to play music you love with the people you love. Catch the Coathangers live at Dante’s Feb. 23rd and 24th at Burger-A-Go-Go! All of the songs featured on this episode are from the […]

Thinkin’ about the future of music and stuff. What does it mean to be a girl in rock, now?

  I’m having a weird week, so here’s a “best of” for my own personal sappy playlists.

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