This week’s shows after we blew the lid off everything ft. MaksTalks & DuncanSpice:   Date Band Venue Wednesday, April 12th Lewis OfMan Holocene Debby Friday Mississippi Studios Thursday, April 13th Waffle Taco No Fun Friday, April 14th Felly Holocene Federale Lollipop Shoppe Haley Heynderickx Mississippi Studios Saturday, April 15th Haley Heynderickx Mississippi Studios Pool […]

Welcome to the program, this is DJ Niko bringing to you a playlist including O Pana! by $uicideboy$, Devil in a New Dress by Kanye West, Diamonds 2 by Freddie Gibbs, Throwback by Pell, Sun Dance by Felly, XYNO by Clockwork Indigo, and much more.     Check the link below: https://s3.amazonaws.com/kpsu-streams-630c1b3a-fa3d-41c6-a6a8-6950bcc903dc/1546236001.mp3

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