http://s3.amazonaws.com/archive-complete/1522447201.mp3 “There’s more to your life than under ground rap” -MURS Very true….. for me too. All talking podcast experiment. 1.Intro 2. Life 3. Universe 4. Bacteria 5. Musica 6. Sports 7.Travel 8.Culture 9.Food/Drink 10.Exercise 11.Geography 12. Urbanism 13. Natural 14.Transportation 15.Science 16. Spirituality 17.Art 18.Controversey No fact checking, off the top of the dome […]

For one of the last episodes of the term DJ Anky interviewed the Portland State Recreation Center’s Director of Campus Recreation: Alex Accetta. Alex described why he originally became involved in higher education and the experience that he has had with sustainability throughout his career. Alex explained his definition of sustainability which involves economic, social […]

Shades of Green’s fourth episode of spring term features an interview with Dr. Catherine McNeur, an author and Assistant Professor of Environmental History and Public History at PSU. Dr.McNeur explains her research focus and the topic of her book Taming Manhattan: Environmental Battles in the Antebellum City. Taming Manhattan starts by examining early 19th century […]

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