YES, IT’S TRUE. Allison Weiss has a brand new album out on SideOneDummy Records. And it’s amazing. This week we get to take a special look into the album with track commentary from Allison herself. If you have ever wondered how that mysterious, mischievous group, “The East Side Scooter Babies” was born– today is the day […]

Oh man. Welcome to an hour of radio that is equally happy and heartbreaking with special guest Julia Nunes. Julia’s new album, Some Feelings, is out today so, to celebrate, Julia and I chatted about each track. She tells me about her family’s wonderfully supportive reaction to her break up, making the decision to be happy, […]

Episode 15: Things have been so utterly hectic  as of late. I don’t even remember what episode this was (but I do know now  this is Where I Come From 4 : a running history) or what I played. I’m 6 weeks late in getting these shows posted. So these “about” descriptions are simply placeholders. Some of […]

My eighth episode is the third installement of my personal history as related through sonic landmarks and sign posts, and the associated commentary of its recollection. A veritable musical timemachine. In this third entry to a rather long story, we are looking at 1980. Which for me meant a return to the deserts of Northern […]

A recurring concept show of music commentary that looks at recorded covers and their originals. Occasionally including history or sidebar information of the artist, songs, time of reception or any interesting shift of tonality or paradigm between the versions.

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