Tonight on Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) we are featuring graphic novel artist Mitch Jacobs, author of New Nebula. Download or stream the Podcast here at KPSU, Mixcloud, or Soundcloud! New Nebula is a space themed comic anthology of sci-fi short stories transmitted from the deepest parts of the cosmos. We will […]

This is the Shower Hour, performing live every Sunday @ 10 pm Today’s show features a narrative for Fallen Angels #2 as well as a music compilation featuring Dear Mama by Tupac.

The Shower ┬áHour every ┬áSunday @ 10pm for your enjoyment! Today’s episode features a musical compilation featuring the Hip Hop, Blues, and Rock genres. Find the artists in the description below! We also start the comic collection Fallen Angels with issue #1 the cover of Fallen Angels #1: (Doug at far left, Warlock the techno […]

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