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I Came in around 4:07:04 CHERRYBOMB13


I started at 7:09:07 CHERRYBOMB13

This is a roundtable discussion hosted by Jim Whinston Started around 7:07:26pm The round table consists of Mary Bowers, Nathan Jimenez, Jeff Anderson The topics were Homeforward  (Mary Bowers went in front of the Portland City Council and Multnomah County  about this issue) and false Recovery homes besides other topics including View Point Inn


I came in around 4:04:49 CHERRYBOMB13

The “Miss Mary” Show ended around 8:31 pm CHERRRYBOMB13

  *note from 2019: the WordPress update messed with the embedded links’ presentation #100 “City on the Water” -The Stone Foxes The Stone Foxes deliver a riveting entry to the modern Blues Revivalist movement currently happening in Rock music. Supported by a strong backbone from the rhythm section and some catchy singing, the band is […]


This is normally the Fathers, Mothers and Families Show I had no guests or the round table people so proceeded with my show “Miss Mary” Show CHERRYBOMB13

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