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February 13, 2022

miss mary show 01/20/22 CHERRYBOMB13

First day of December! Some “winter music” (still up for debate), followed by an hour of upbeat jams covering for Movie Mixtape 🙂

Today The Speakeasy covered for Robot Reboot! This hour was all about stress relief and indulging the feels.

The Listener Mix This week’s playlist is 100% inspired by YOU!! I went through your comments on the KPSU website looking for any song recommendations and simply compiled them here. There were so many good picks that I’ll have to do a part two. 🙂 If you love classic rock anthems, this one is for […]

I came back on around 7:24:49 CHERRYBOMB 13



I came in around 4:19 pm CHERRYBOMB 13

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