Hey y’all! This is a groovy and chill playlist to start the weekend because it has been a long tiring week for me and for many of you too! take a break and chilllll with The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, and more!

hey all 🙂 Al here… this is my trial show and my first-ever show on air with KPSU! At the moment, I’m listening to these chill tunes. a variety of slower-paced, dreamy, atmospheric indie beats with soft but strong instrumental qualities. the Spotify Playlist: hope you enjoy & thanks for listening !

Hey y’all! tonight was a special late night episode, where I decided to play some good chill music:) In celebration of MGMT’s new album, 11-11-11, a recording of a performance at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC, I decided to play a good favorite song of mine. Tonight we also listened to some good mellow 60s-70s […]

Welcome back to The Rant Room! Yesterday’s Bonus Episode was just a full hour of vinyl music, playing some calm & vibey tunes into the night. Check back with us on Sunday at 6pm for more regular episodes of The Rant Room. The Rant Room is one of the only KPSU shows playing music entirely […]

Played some cool music. Shoutout Yung Lean, probably the chillest sow yet. Not much talking, just experiencing the passage of time. Such a sleepy night, woke up at 4:20.

Need something to sit back and relax too? Want to tap your to or move your hips to something funky? It’s all heard in today’s mix of music. Small bands from around the country are featured from Tennesee to Portland it’s here! Here’s a link to the Spotify playlist: Have any music recommendations for […]

Really chill show, I was covering for someone so it was at 3pm. I had my friend Joey on, shoutout his band skate jams. Played a lot more music than usual, specifically music I like walking around to. Called Surfgangs popularity in the next year or two.

The Post-Midterm Mix Featuring classic upbeat hits from the 70s and slow jams from the 60s, this playlist is perfect for relaxing after an intense study session. Enjoy my second show on air! : )

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