In this week’s episode we focused on singer-songwriters from the 70s.

It is the last episode for fall term! We ended the term with 70’s rock. Happy winter break!

Hey y’all! Today’s episode was focused on groovy 70s funk and 70’s music, even foreign! I had a dear special guest, Hannah from Earthworm and we discussed our favorite 70’s fashion trends and also some funny commentary on Elton John. I cannot wait to speak on my experience of seeing the great Elton John at […]

Two hour special of songs that I listened while backpacking around L.A.

Hey y’all! tonight was a special late night episode, where I decided to play some good chill music:) In celebration of MGMT’s new album, 11-11-11, a recording of a performance at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC, I decided to play a good favorite song of mine. Tonight we also listened to some good mellow 60s-70s […]

back and forth through genres and decades, a sweet sub-basement serenade

Imagine you’re on a canoe with some summer-campers… it’s 75 degrees… you’re drifting off on the lake…

This week, Creedence Clearwater Revival! DJ Anna

Welcome back to Left of the Dial, where we remember that Elvis is king. Left of the Dial host Chris-R plays some deep cuts from the classic age of vinyl and beyond, and this week we make a pitstop to “The Zoo” and find a few animal-esque bands along the way (Eagles, The Korgis, Scorpions,¬†and […]

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