Six Degrees of Rockination, 10 November 2018

Written by on November 10, 2018

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With KPSU’s new computer setup, this Mixcloud link is the only way to listen straight from the website.  But if you’d rather download an MP3 file, we’ve got you covered down below.


This link below is download-only.  Left-click it or right-click it, either way, you’re downloading an MP3 file.  If you’d rather just listen, the above link’s the way to go.





  • Real Deal Momma
    White Denim
  • 1933
    Frank Turner
  • Goodbye Girl
  • The Gate
    Sam Roberts
  • Ursa
    Monster Bad
  • I Don't Want To Know
    The Strypes
  • I Killed Robert Johnson
    The Stone Foxes
  • Thinkin' 'Bout You
    Frank Ocean
  • Stuck In America
  • Cigarettes and Alcohol
  • Tipping the Scales
    Think Jet
  • She Does
  • Born This Way
    Scary Pockets
  • Ma, They Broke Me
    The Rockford Mules

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