This is ICSP came back this week with our guest speaker, Sukrity Ojha from Nepal. Sukrity, often referred to as Suki, is one of the ICSP members who just joined this fall. In this week’s show, Suki shared her experience as a Nepali student studying and living in the United States while also sharing her living experience in Nepal. The show starts with Grace introducing Suki and catching up with her regarding her current terms and how she celebrated Halloween that week. Suki has prepared some of her Nepali songs in the playlist for us to listen to and when she got the chance, she explained to the audience more information regarding the songs, the artists, and many more. In addition, she mentions the upcoming festival, Tihar, which she compared it to the Diwali festival for the Indians. Suki shared her perspective about the festival and what she missed, especially her family and food, and how it is similar to how Americans visit home during Thanksgiving. Listen to the recording to learn more about her story down here!

Recording File

Recording 10/30/2023