This is ICSP brought to you, Patricia, a Fall 2023 YSEALI fellow from the Philippines as a guest speaker. This week, the show had the honor to invite a guest speaker who represents one of the most prestigious fellowship programs among youth leaders in Southeast Asia, YSEALI (Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative). PSU had the opportunity to be one of the campuses to host the program from 2022 to 2025. Patricia who represents the country Philippines and also YSEALI in the program, in the show, explained what YSEALI is and how she became part of it. The process hasn’t been easy as the participants have to go through several selections to be part of the program, for more details go to the recording link below. Additionally, Patricia shared her upbringing, her interests, her work in leadership, and how she created an impact in her community. This time, the audience was also introduced to popular Philippine songs such as Pasilyo and Raining in Manila. Patricia’s explanation about the songs and how she chose the songs made Grace, our DJ, fall in love with the songs and sparked her curiosity to listen to more of Phillipine’s songs. The audience will listen to the upcoming shows that some Philipines songs will be played. The conversation that Grace had with Patricia opened up so many new possible topics such as living in developing countries, mental health, activism, leadership, resilience, and many more. To know more about the details, here is the recording.


Recording – 10/16/2023