Recording 11/6/2023

Another week, another day of This is ICSP. Grace, our DJ, brought the audiences to different countries this week through her other international playlist. This week, however, she also wanted to highlight some of her Indonesia’s favorite musicians. She included Tulus (Click for more information), one of her favorite Indonesian singers often compared as the “Sam Smith of Indonesia.” Grace included two popular songs from his Monokrom Album among Indonesians; Pamit (Goodbye) and Labirin (labyrinth). Pamit is the main single of this album, a song that expresses a necessary goodbye of a couple as they have done everything to maintain the relationship but nothing could change their fate, despite the separation, one convinces the other that they will still be a good friend. The genre is Indonesian ballad pop. In contrast, Labirin tells a story of someone excited to learn more about someone they love even if that person is as complicated as a labyrinth.

In addition, Grace also includes two songs from the “Petualangan Sherina 2 (Sherina’s Adventure 2)” (2023) which is the legacy sequel of “Petualangan Sherina (Sherina’s Adventure)” that was released in the year 2000 (read the synopsis by clicking on this link). The movie was one of the best of its genre (a children’s movie that is also family-friendly) at that time and left a deep impression on the young children who watched it at that time. It is so loved that there have been so many times that the first movie has been adapted as a live musical show a couple of times. Just like the first movies, Many of the past fans who have now become adults were enthusiastically looking forward to the release of the movie, and many of them brought their families, partners, and children to share this excitement. The second movie showed both main characters, Sherina and Sadam as a grown-up; giving a chance for the fans to be nostalgic. For Grace, as someone who is a big fan of Sherina Munaf; the iconic actress & artist who plays the main character of the movie, Sherina, she wants to share these songs to celebrate the recent release of the sequel. The songs are Megenang Bintang” (Remembering the Star) and Nostalgia Bersama” (Nostalgia Together) (click the title to go to the mv).

Then, Grace included GAC (Gamaliel Audrey Cantika) vocal group. The group’s name comes from the abbreviation of the first name of all three members. They were known in the 2010s for their YouTube music covers of popular music at that time such as Mirrors by Justin Timberlake (Click here for the video) which was shown at the Grammy Award nomination of that time. After a long hiatus since August 2019, they came back this year with some singles, one of which is REALLY REALLY WANT (click for MV). Grace is one of their loyal listeners that has been waiting for them to come back. GAC is one of the famous vocal groups in Indonesia; their unique modern pop R&B kinds of music are loved by Indonesian youth. As that day had arrived, Grace was more than eager to share this song in this week’s playlist.

Each song on this playlist is just excellent. It is hand-picked and curated by Grace intentionally as each of them has its personal story to Grace as an Indonesian. The story just never ends if she told them for each song. For example, Grace’s experience working alongside the YSEALI program allowed her to learn more about the musician Hoang Thuy Linh (Hoàng Thùy Linh) from Vietnam and her popularity, allowing Grace to choose some of her best music; and so on. Therefore she hopes you enjoy the playlist and encourage the listener to be curious; to do more research regarding the cultural background of the music they listen to!

Note : Hey all! Thanks for tuning in, hope you have a great time listening to each of these songs 🙂 and enjoy the context of them. Peace out!