Today’s film was called Mary and the Witch’s Flower, created by the people who worked at Studio Ghibli in a new studio called Studio Ponoc; while it doesn’t live up to other Studio Ghibli’s films in the past, Mary and the Witch’s Flower is a pretty ok movie with great visuals, and voice acting, though the character development and arc for the main character could of been a bit stronger in my opinion, but other than that its still an okay film to enjoy.

Cinema Playlist

The “Witch’s Flower”
Takatsugu Muramatsu
Mary and The Witch’s Flower
Main on End
Alan Silvestri
Avengers Endgame
Saving Metroville
Michael Giacchino
The Incredibles
Introduction (Titles)
Danny Elfman
Edward Scissorhands
Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe
To the Spaceport
James Newton Howard
From ” Treasure Planet”/Score
The Future- Main Titles
John Ottman, Jeffrey Schindler, American Federation of Musicians
X-Men Days of Future Past
Logan Drives
Marco Beltrami
Vale Decem
Murray Gold
Doctor Who Series 4 The Specials
The Giant Discovered
Michael Kamen
The Iron Giant
Twilight of the Gods
Mark Mothersbaugh
Thor Ragnarok
Spider-man: Homecoming Suite
Michael Giacchino
Spider-man: Homecoming
Batman: The Animated Series-Alternate Main Title
Shirley Walker
Batman The Animated Series
Selina Transformations- Pt II
Danny Elfman
Batman Returns
Groot Cocoon
Tyler Bates
Guardians of the Galaxy
Canis Lupus
Alexandre Desplat
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Family Members Only
Brian Tyler
Ready or Not