Lorna Shore – Pain Remains

Written by Penny on December 12, 2022

Lorna Shore – Pain Remains

This is the, personally, long-awaited full-length album with new singer Will Ramos. This American deathcore band shows off their proficiency by blending highly technical metal musician ship, with symphonic and black metal elements. Combined with Ramos’ signature dynamic range the band has found a recognizable sound, that has gained them fast popularity. They are not the progenitors of this style but they are pushing the normal bounds of genre. The hard-hitting riffs, the thunderous blast beats, the lengthy extended breakdowns with the almost disgusting sounds Ramos can make has solidified this band’s place as rising stars.

My personal favorite off the album was Sun//Eater. A poetic telling of the story of Icarus. The song starts with a symphonic choral intro that is a reoccurring staple point through the album. Then kicks in with the unclean vocals, and starts down a path of winding guitar riffs, double bass blast beats, and strings of lyrics; until the break downs hit, bringing the song to a half time halt with heavy percussive beats coupled with the range of Ramos’ screaming that would not be out of place in a monster horror movie.

The album ends with a three song musical series, Pain remains parts 1-3. Coming in at a combined time of about 20 minutes. They use a third of the album run time to tell an emotional story that begins with a man being engrossed with a person in the man’s dreams. The three songs do a good job of blending together into one long song that changes pace and emotion as it goes.

The album can be found on all the major streaming platforms.






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