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Written by on April 3, 2018


A producer from the DeafLife squad just released his full Dream Killer EP today. Featuring bass sounds and crazy vocals and sampling, he brings a new sound to the table for techno and bass music. He has been gaining traction with his new music and is constantly working on creating new tracks every single day. This is one artist to be on the look out for as he is going to make it big with these consistent releases…

Check out the EP below and the interview…

Where are you from? Where did you grow up? Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’ve been in Monterey bay my whole life, growing up there and in Santa cruz. Spend a lot of time outside, my ig looks like im nomadic.


What got you into music/production?

I heard Swgga by Excision and Datsik in 2009 or 2010, first time hearing bass music and a different type of electronic music and I thought it was so sick, refreshing to hear something different. Wasn’t until like a year after or even two that I got some cracked software and just started. I was a drummer, tried the band thing that didn’t work, with producing you are the band, I like that most.


What are some of your influences?

Honestly Bassnectar has guided my way since the beginning of my interest. The punchy drums, melodic sounds, and fattest low end are always what i’ve like to hear. Same as Koan Sound, their bass design is something else, I study their music a lot. But my influences are all over the place, Zhu is awesome, live show is killer, same a Griz. Deadmau5 inspires my dark techno side.


What is your number one dream for your music?

Change the world?… haven’t  pinpointed that one yet. I’d like to create a show leaning away from cdjs and bring more live elements. Eventually I want to create a show with heavy and melodic bass music to be performed with cirque du soleil. no one steal my idea.


What is your favorite genre if you could pick one?



What’s your favorite throwback song?

Probably I love College – Asher Roth  or No sleep – Wiz Khalifa


What made you choose the name Dream Killer for your EP?

The spoken vocal chops in the Dream Killer track just spewed it out.


Do you have any advice for people new to the game?

I’ll let you know when I get there.. But this is all I know: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbC4gqZGPSY


What is something new you are trying as a producer?

Acoustic elements and vocals


What sort of tools do you use for production (just a few examples is fine)?

ableton, pretty minimal


What is one of your biggest fears?

Not creating my art exactly as my taste


What is one thing you love and hate about the music industry?

I love music itself the most, so many inspiring people out there, everyday I hear something new and creative. I hate how much of this is directed towards online. It feels like exclusivity diminishes with all these platforms even though they  exist to help.


What should we be expecting from you in the next coming months, and What are your plans for the future?

I just want to create inspiring and moving music, digging deeper into new tracks and really trying to present my art as I see it in my ambitions. and maybe a collab or remix













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