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Written by on April 19, 2016

Featuring Sid Swindail from Australia. An amazing artist and cool guy. Interview included below.

Yes, I now know it is pronounced “swindale” not “swindaly”. I just like to pronounce things the way I want to sometimes and can’t help it.

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here we goooo:

Where are you from?

– Sydney, Australia

Do you have any early influences for your music?

jazz in general, david guetta, ministry of sound compilations, the all trap music youtube channel, lord and saviour carmack, koan sound, lots of weeeeeird shit

Who do you want to collaborate with but haven’t had the chance yet?

oshi, josh pan, anderson .paak, MXXWLL, promnite, carmack, blah blah blah so many fkn people man

What advice do you have for the noobies in the game?

don’t leave a soundcloud link in my personal facebook inbox and nothing else, i will instantly resent you

What is the fondest memory of your music career at the moment? 

either my last headline show at this venue called the world bar in sydney (was actually so f**n lit) or los angeles in general, i love that place

Will you be playing anywhere in the U.S.? (even in the far future)

f*** yes

Do you have any new releases coming out soon?

maybe, won’t speak on em rn but big tings

What is your favorite genre if you could pick one?

russian hardcore

Do you think you have created a subgenre of music?

would be pretty full of myself if i thought that was the case

What is a track that you have listened to more than a 100 times? (other than your own music of course because you probably have heard that over a 1000 times lol)

tuxedo – so good

What sort of tools do you use as a DJ/producer? ex. (ableton, traktor…)

literally ableton, traktor and maschine for live stuff

Is there anything that particularly bothers you about the DJ scene?

pretty much all of it

What would be your ultimate performance?

mosh pit w/ chanting, crowd surfing (hopefully me lol) OR if i’m doing a more vibey set, just heaps of grooving and love on the dancefloor

Who would you pick as your mate if you got trapped on an island for 3 months?

no one i can’t stand any of you

Who do you look up to the most in life?

too many to list, at the moment kaytranada. big ups to him on taking his life public and overcoming some tough stuff

What is one of your biggest fears?

dying alone

Who is your celebrity crush?

idk i don’t really keep up with celebrities, like as of right now i wouldn’t have one

How is america right now?

already home, but it was f*n amazing and that’s an understatement

What are your plans for the next upcoming weeks?

sitting at home, writing music and crying about the fact that i’m not in america anymore

What should we be on the look out for?

my face absolutely everywhere this year

Where can we get updates on all your stuff and what not?

keep up with me on twitter and instagram (@swindailfukboi) and like my facebook page (/swindail), i update these networks regularly with top keks and relatable memes



due regards,

sid swindail


cheesecake 1997;

internet musician @ swindail


hear stuffwww.swindail.com

newsletter: newsletter.swindail.com

bookings / mgmt[email protected]









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