The Oregon Eclipse Festival 2017

Written by on September 7, 2017

Wow, after hearing all of the stories gathered from many different attendees, I hope I can do this festival justice.

Unfortunately due to a family emergency and a conflicting work schedule, I wasn’t able to attend the festival but after speaking with many attendees from the Portland, Oregon Area and reviewing the pictures, maps, and artists… one can tell that this festival was an astounding experience.

First off, The Oregon Eclipse festival is completely off grid which means absolutely no cell service. It is held in a amazing place called the BIG SUMMIT PRAIRIE which is an absolutely beautiful setting just East of Redmond, Oregon in the Ochoco National Forest.

Photo Credit | Jacob Avanzato

The Festival was held from August 17th to August 23rd which is about a week long. This requires a lot of preparation for attendees in being ready with supplies for a whole week of camping. There were options for having a pre-set up camp which is always nice but with an obviously bigger price tag. The map of the entire festival is a huge space with enormous amounts of activities such as yoga, speeches, interactive art, a wellness oasis and of course music. Figuring out exactly what you’re going to experience at this festival seems like a hard task but that is the whole point of a festival in my opinion. Check out the map below!

As you can see this festival is absolutely massive with streets and different sections all throughout. Business Insider quoted it as a burning man for the eclipse which makes a lot of sense as it looks like a mini city on the map!  >>>BUSINESS INSIDER ARTICLE<<<

Finding your own section might be difficult but many friends told me that once you are set up, you are good to go for the whole festival. There were many bathrooms posted throughout the campsite areas and within the festival itself as well as water stations, and EMT service tents. One problem I heard that happened at the festival was the traffic going into the festival. Many had to wait as much as 6 hours to just get in but I say that’s to be expected with a festival of this magnitude (30k+ ATTENDEES!!!) and with only one entrance.

Photo Credit | Eric Allen

Some highlights of the festival for my friends that attended were listed as the great sculptures that were curated for the event to amazing musical acts found throughout. Some examples of art installations and large structures are listed below.


Photo Credit | Juliana Bernstein – Get Tiny and Jacob Avanzato

There were so many musical acts it’s hard to pick and choose which ones as the highlights but telling from different attendees it seems like the Eclipse stage was definitely one of them with Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers, G Jones, Phuture Primitive, The Glitch Mob, The Polish Ambassador and more. Check out this playlist of the featured songs from artists at the Eclipse Stage below.

The Moon Stage also definitely took a the cut with different artists such as Bleep Bloop, Clozee, Antennae, Minnesota, Eprom, Tsuruda, and more.

One of the stages that I was really hoping to check out was the Silk Road stage which had a lot of live action music within it and great vibes.

Check out the artists that showed up there at this link

>>> SILK ROAD <<<

The multitude of stages for music is an intense amount but with so many attendees, it seems the right idea to give a little bit of everything for everybody. They even had a Kidzbiois Dream Village for the children which I didn’t know about until afterwards! Check out the crazy lineup that was there at the link below.


One other available option for attendees was the Elemental Alchemy ticket which involved Perma-Culture Design Course as well as an Oregon Eclipse Festival Ticket. This was an in depth workshop held from August 3rd-16th and was all about conserving natural systems and maximizing efficiency in human settlements. There was a certificate of completion given out at the end of the event that obviously could be used in many different jobs or settings.


Overall, this festival seemed to be a huge success. The curators behind this one were huge and they made this event into a once in a lifetime story . I am very saddened I wasn’t able to attend but just hearing the stories made me smile. 🙂

I hope in the future they do something similar of this magnitude, because in all honesty, I would like to see much more of these sort of collaborations in the future as it seems to bring a large community together beyond comparison of any other events that go on around the world today.

The list of collaborators can be found here:



Huge shout out to the Infamous PR team as well!

>>>Infamous PR<<<





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