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Written by DJ Nico Troi on October 20, 2017

Røhaan Grey did an interview with me over google and told me a bit about himself as well as his music production. This is an artist to be on the look out for collaborating with big time artists and creating even bigger bangers! One of his most recent remixes of ‘US by Valentine & 4AM feat Naji‘ with Laxcity has been getting a lot of pickup in the community. I preview through a lot of Rohaan’s music in this podcast that I am sure will make you want to drop everything you’re doing and head bang.

Make sure to tune in to this awesome music in the podcast and check out the interview posted below!






Where are you from? Where did you grow up? Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hey thanks for having me! So i was born in the mighty city known as York in the UK!

I grew up in a farmer’s Town called Pocklington which was in the middle of nowhere compared to a city! A lot of land boarding, biking and rope swing hunting happened there. We as a group used to do our fair share of outdoor sports!


What got you into music/production?

It was actually my Mum, she loves trance music so i was always exposed to electronic music. But then a friend of mine and I went to see Skrillex’s first show in the UK back in 2011 and from that day on, the obsession was sparked! From that point, we religiously went to shows and festivals!

But it was the house party’s that first got me into DJing, each weekend another party would pop up and me and a few others would take a PA system and decks to these!  


How long have you been producing for?

So for around 4 years now, since i was 18.


What are some of your influences?

Damn soooo many! to list a few;

Moby, Pendulum, Flume, Hudson Mohawke, Ivy Lab, Tsuruda, Fred v & Graffix! Tooo many to list…


What is your favorite genre if you could pick one?



What’s your favorite throwback song?

Murder on the dancefloor – Sophie Ellis Bextor


Do you have any advice for people new to the game?

Make as many music related friends as possible, and do loads of stuff for free for them! Build a relationship with them and work your arse off making music at any point you have. If you want it to be your full time job then start acting like it is, even if you have 1 follower.


What is one of your favorite tracks at the moment in your playlist?

Either Laxcity and my remix of Valentine & 4AM – Us or UK by Dimension


What is something new you are trying as a DJ and producer?

To add some live features to my CDJ set up when performing live! Also I’m going through a full re-branding right now so my socials will look shiny and new soon. So definitely keep an eye out.


What sort of tools do you use for Djing and for production (just a few examples is fine)?

Pioneer 2000s to DJ on, but in terms of production, I use my housemates Korg monologue a LOT for audio and also a Korg Volca beats which has a nasty 808.


What is your number one dream for your music?

To be fully self sufficient from sound/music and for it to be the reason I travel this planet.


What is one of your biggest fears?

Not being productive! Honestly I’m sure I have mild ADHD and when I meet people who just sit on their ass all day it gives me anxiety just talking to them. I can’t live a day without creating something.


Whats your biggest tip for other producers out there?

Produce and listen to music alll day every day. If you work, then while you are at work write down ideas in a notebook all day every day! Never stop thinking.


What is one thing you love and hate about the music industry?

I LOVE the people I meet just because of sound! Honestly I’ve met the best people through this! But I dislike the fact that numbers are more important than the sound in a lot of people’s eyes.


What should we be expecting from you in the next coming months, and what are your plans for the future?

Oooo ok so i have my debut music video coming out very soon! A full re-brand, my first international show at ADE on the 18th of October!

And lots of fricken music!!


Where can we find your stuff plus hear you live?

So search Rohaanoffical in google and it will all be there for you1 I am on all platforms including Tidal and Apple music.
Come see me play at ADE!!

Thank you











  • VALENTINE & 4AM - Us (feat. Naji)
    Røhaan & Laxcity Remix
  • First of Many
    Røhaan & Laxcity
  • Buyers Remorse
    Røhaan & Umru
  • Everchanging ft Elcay
    Røhaan & Untitld
  • Program Error
  • Journey - Locus
    Røhaan Remix
  • The Rain Will Fall
    Røhaan W/ Null
  • Power Elm
  • Basketball Court
    Noiseporn Premiere
  • Mimicats
    Røhaan W/ Roxas
    Noisia S03EP20 Preview
  • Broken Society
  • Dimensions
    JonEcks Sample Pack
  • Data -Sterfry
  • Laser Laser - RVKIT
    Røhaan Remix
  • Oddity
  • Eden - STWO
    Røhaan Remix
  • Strangers - Skrillex
    Røhaan Lets Chill Remix
  • Too Original - Major Lazer
    Røhaan Remix

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