Embrace Festival Preview and Short Interview | 5.3

Written by DJ Nico Troi on May 4, 2017

Last night, I had the chance to preview a local event in Portland, called the Embrace Festival. It is held at the Portland Art MuseumFirst Congregational United Church of Christ, Portland, and Elliot Center. 

This is a 3-day event full of many different things:

~Presentations by over 30 leaders, teachers, authors, theologians, activists, and artists
~Ceremony and Ritual
~Celebration, Dance, Entertainment
~Live Art, Music and Performance
~Sacred Community, Social Gathering & Networking
~Learning, Workshops, & Breakouts
~Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Dance, Drum circles
~Village, Ceremonial Tea Lounge, Concessions

I got to sit down and talk with a big part of embrace festival Lukas Strong, assistant manager and the guy who keeps things flowing. He told us about the founder of the festival, what the main theme behind it was and many more ideas were touched on when talking about the music, art and speakers that will be at Embrace Festival.

Embrace Festival Vision

In May 2017, people from all over the world will gather in Portland, Oregon to share knowledge and wisdom, learn from each other, celebrate, be inspired, and find the tools needed to create and enliven local movements within our communities. Together we will explore sacred oneness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, eco-spirituality, social justice and the way of universal and personal transformation that honors the Divine in all.


Tune in below for the full interview with music previews from artists that will be attending such as Peia, Yaima, iLko and more.



Peia live in Minard Castle Dingle, Ireland – Dance in the Storm

Yaima Music oVo album

Mathew Fox live on Earth Day 2014 

iLko –  Live at WTF 2015 start at 33:20







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