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Written by on February 2, 2018

Hello All!


I went to a wooly mammoth and tsuruda concert a couple weeks back and decided I would curate a mix on KPSU dedicated to all the inspiring artists for me right now. There’s a long list and if I really tried to do all the artists that inspire me the mix would end up being a year long…

This mix is more about the harder style bass and trap music in the electronic music scene right now. Featuring artists such as tsuruda, wooly mammoth, noer the boy, mr. carmack, jon casey, episcool, lost dogz and so much more.

I wanted to express a very angsty vibe that you can really just headbang to and get some anger or anxiety out. I featured two tracks from myself at the end of the mix that I have been working on in ableton and hope you enjoy them.

If you think you have some criticism or feedback, let me know. Or if you want to submit a track to have me play or work on… hit me up here [email protected]

Tracklist listed below:

1 The Birds (Rebirth) (Woolymammoth x Tsuruda remix) – Noer the Boy
2 Peanut Butter – Tsuruda
3 D E T A T C H E D – Pacific Patterns
4 Keenan Mathias & Blake Skowron – Face
5 Chrome Republic – Pork Chop Cash Chrome Republic
6 prblms – sktchy ppl x lumi
7  dance with the wolves – Chrome Republic
8  Spaced – Tsuruda
9  X&G – Gravity (William. X Mobius Remix)
10 Red Supreme (LSV Remix) – Milano
11 Move – Tsuruda
12 Runnr (Zero Tep Remix) – Noer the Boy
13 cigz – sktch ppl x high zombie
14 I Feel – LSV
15 world tour (CHROME REPUBLIC RMX V2.2) – Chrome Republic
16 Who cares (AkHash Remix) – JNTHN STEIN X Mr.carmack
17 Generator – Noer the Boy
18 Slither  (Original Mix) – Noer the Boy
19 Chucked – Jon Casey
20 Silica – Milano
21 woolymammoth x holly – Bruno Mars
22 Hunnid On A Drop (Mr. Carmack Remix)
23 tsuruda reverb – episcool
24 Meadow Rd – Noer the Boy & Rohaan
25 Pumpkns – Woolymammoth
26 sexed up (w. untitld) – Chrome Republic
27 Put it to em – noer x indigo beck
28 3018ab – episcool
29 Kyuu -John Casey
30 Slippin’ – Tsuruda
31 East Coast (MR. CARMACK REMIX) – A$AP Ferg
32  Scuffed – P A T H & Pacific Patterns





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