Echosmith at the Hawthorne Theater

Written by on November 28, 2022

A couple of weeks back, amid the beginning of Tumblr’s fall-of-Twitter renaissance, Portland had an opportunity to embrace its Tumblr-soft-grunge teen self and see one of the cornerstone bands of that era, Echosmith at the Hawthorne theater. Like many of us, the band that brought us “Cool Kids” has grown up some, gotten softer and happier in their twenties, and we are here for it


I’ll be upfront, I signed up for this show in the same spot as many of you might be, having not heard from Echosmith since high school, but their album “Lonely Generation”, released in January 2020 really should have been received as the pandemic-playlist we were needing. Songs like “Shut up and Kiss me” and “Stuck” have found their way into some of my favorite playlists. Echosmith is definitely the same band, but if you go into their new releases expecting Talking Dreams Pt.2, you’re doing yourself a disservice; this album is brighter and emphasizes a sense of togetherness. You can tell that Echosmith and their team knew they were playing for a group of reformed-emo kids from their choice in opening bands, Band of Silver and Soft Boy Crow (the latter of which you will definitely be hearing on my show in the coming weeks).


The small venue and soft stage lighting made the entire show feel oddly cozy for a band with such name recognition as these three, something that I don’t think went unappreciated by anyone in attendance. From the moment Echosmith stepped on stage they had an incredible energy, not the screaming your-lungs-out attitude from their warped tour days, but attention-grabbing and kind. Sydney (our iconic frontwoman) chatted with us throughout the night, and she kept all eyes on her effortlessly, which is wonderful for catching every mid-song eye roll and genuine smile. 


There was lots of audience participation, but it didn’t distract from what everyone was there for. The band had comfort with each other you would expect from a sibling trio, and Sydney does a great job of bringing the focus over to her brothers throughout the show. “Sharing the love” was definitely a theme throughout, from asking audience members who in their life helped them through quarantine to the perfect mix of new songs and nostalgic classics that got Echosmith in the limelight. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that hearing “Bright” live with such a sweet crowd made the little 2014 Tumblr teen in my brain very happy.





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