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Written by on October 10, 2016

Hey guys,

I’ve got a really sweet pair of albums for you this week. I’m starting off with a really unique and atmospheric album by Bon Iver: “22, A Million”. This album, from front to back is a real trip. The music consists of extremely processed vocals and samples that take me to this psychedelic place. The first time I listened to this I really didn’t understand all the complexities of Bon Iver’s vision. The more I re-listened, the more I started to tune into the nuances and backing tracks behind the amazing vocals. Even the song names on the album are a total trip. Using numbers, symbols, and greek characters, Bon Iver disorients us by making us wonder what the hell the songs have to do with the titles. My guess is that I’d have to read into the lyrics more to get a better understanding of where he’s going. All in all I love the musicality, the originality, and the complexity of this album. Bon Iver has a truly amazing vision of music and art in general, I’d highly recommend looking up his other records if you haven’t already.

The second album I’m (partially) spinning, is one that I’ve been bumping for the last couple weeks just because of how chill the beats are and how cohesive it is as a record. HOME – Odyssey is truly a masterpiece of vibey, soft electronic beats. It’s almost like vaporwave dance music. I’d definitely listen to it in a future lounge sort of setting.





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