A Melancholic Trance

Written by on April 9, 2015

Cast your eyes, east and west, and perhaps north, too. Thinner air and patchy clouds, no need to spin the sounds that’ll tame the savage snake plant(but we are heading to the valley soon, though). As I am flying back, I realized what small layering could do. Thursday night, spent in the desert, house music in the background, it all made sense… Pye Corner Audio.. Rhythm No. 3. It took me back to the early 7am mornings spent as a 17 year old. The people, the experiences, the agenda, all reeled by music… A Melancholic Trance. The train comes storming by, it all settles in eventually. It becomes second nature- not even phased! But Back To Nature, whether it is in the dry Indio desert or in the Pacific Northwest Rain Forest, it is still a sensation. It is something else from the norm, a place they’ve all dreamed about. Once we’re back to the norm, it’s the traditional ‘kill a 6 pack with your bro in your car’ kinda deal. “Serge”, Brigitte helped us drink some, too. All followed by the crowd surfing chaos we’ve all encountered in our days, eat your drunchy tacos, and make it home in one piece. Rest up(kind of), pick your sister up from moms, and give that nug a ride to school… The Millennium. The people, the experiences, the agenda… A Melancholic Trance of 2013.


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  • Direct Lines
    Electronic Circus
    Electronic Circus
  • Music to Sooth the Plant
    Mort Garson
  • Electronic Rythm No. 3
    Pye Corner Audio
    Black Mill Tapes
  • Forever Dolphin Love
    Connan Mockasin
    Forever Dolphin Love
  • Melancholy Man
    The Wake
    Here Comes Everybody
  • Back To Nature
    Secondhand Daylight
  • Music is Painting in The Air
    Sensation's Fix
    Fragment of Life
  • Evergreen Dazed
    Crumbling The Antiseptic
  • L'hotel particulier
    Serge Gainsbourg
    Histoire De Melody Nelson
  • La Madrague
    Brigitte Bardot
    Brigitte Bardot
  • I Just Want To Be Your Friend
    The Millennium

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