Tarantino has a used record store in his house.

Written by on November 22, 2022

Apparently, he conceives every movie from the music up…..

by going into his spare room which he dubs a “used record store”.

In an interview he did with The Dig in 2021 he says,

“The music is a key to the personality of the movie.”…

…”And also, the beat of the movie, the rhythm that the movie’s supposed to play at. So, if I come up with an idea that I think is a good idea for a movie, usually I sit on it for a while and just kind of let it grow and grow and grow. And then when I start and actually think, This is actually something that I could spend the next two years of my life doing, my first stop is I go into my vinyl room…

– I have a little room right off of my bedroom, it used to be a nursery,

I turned it into a used record store.

And so, first things first, I just start going through my records and start pulling records that… have really interesting pieces of music that could be what I’m looking for…. And then, usually once I find three or four songs that I can imagine really being in the movie, especially something that could be the opening credit sequence – well, that goes a long way to actually helping me discover the story and thinking, OK, let’s take this to the next step. Which is sitting down and writing it.”

For more about Tarantino…and his most recent visit to Portland,

listen to

Lolli’s Lifesaver:

Jazz Bass In Your Head @3pm on Sunday Nov 27,

Howard D will talk about Tarantino with DJ Lollipop….

don’t miss it.



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  • Little Green Bag
    George Baker Selection
    The Heritage / Colossus Story
  • That Certain Female
    Charlie Feathers
    Teenage Cruisers - the Cream of California's Rockabilly Rebellion
  • One Silver Dollar
    Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe 50th Anniversary Album
  • I giorni dell'ira
    Riz Ortolani
    Day of Anger (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • L'Inferno Bianco
    Ennio Morricone / Czech National Symphony Orchestra
    "The Hateful Eight" Soundtrack / Synth - The Art of Ennio Morricone
  • Summertime Killer
    Luis Bacalov
    Ricatto alla Mala (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • Motorcycle Circus
    Luis Bacalov
    Ricatto alla Mala (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • White Lightning
    Charles Bernstein
    White Lightning (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • The Lonely Shepherd
    Francesco & Taseo
    no album--published on TASEO Youtube Channel

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