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Written by on November 27, 2022

“Tarantino has stated that he plans to make a total of just ten films before retiring as a director, as a means of ensuring an overall high quality within his filmography. He believes “most directors have horrible last movies,” that ending on a “decent movie is rare,” and that ending on a “good movie is kind of phenomenal.”


Treasure Hunt.

Play the Lollipop Treasure hunt.

To play you have to listen to

Lollys Lifesaver Show #5:

Howard D on Tarantino

🍭🍭🍭Treasure hunt mission #1🍭🍭🍭

When you listen to the recording of the fascinating guest, Howard D,

that I had on the show this week, you’ll hear a non-quotable loose prediction from him that:

(here’s your mission if you choose to accept it)

Tarantino’s last film

might be _________________(fill in the blank: find the prediction)_________________.




🍭🍭🍭Treasure hunt mission #2 🍭🍭🍭


Based on what you heard

in the episode as to Howard D’s loose

“10th film theory…” or something else….

What do you think Tarantino’s last film will be themed?


For filling in the blank and answering the question…

and messaging me your answer–

You get to pick the next person for me to interview.

There is no right or wrong answer.

Send your answer to:
Here is the promised interview with Pam Greer and Quentin Tarantino that I promised during the show…


This weeks’ episode was: Nov 27, 2022: Howard D. : a Portland Film Aficionado

I had a great time with my 1st guest on KPSU, a PSU alumni: Howard D, who has a fascinating brain full of film theory, perception and ideas.


Next weeks’ episode is: Dec 4, 2022: Vintage Comics and Vintage Jazz Bassist: Jimmie Blanton

Please send all show critiques or requests to: [email protected] (I don’t use the contact form below)




  • Aragon
    Roy Ayers
    From The "Coffy" Soundtrack
  • Across 110th Street
    Bobby Womack
    American Gangster (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • Cissy Strut
    The Meters
    Funkify Your Life: The Meters Anthology
  • Strawberry Letter 23
    The Brothers Johnson
    Strawberry Letter 23 Live
  • Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
    The Delfonics
    The Delfonics
  • Grazin’ In The Grass (Una Miradita De Amor)
    Orchestra Harlow
    It's a Good, Good Feeling: The Latin Soul of Fania Records (The Singles)
  • Brawling Broads
    Roy Ayers
    From The "Coffy" Soundtrack
  • Natural High
    The Essentials: Bloodstone

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