Let me introduce: Murmur Tooth (incl. interview)

Written by on May 29, 2020

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Murmur Tooth: Leah Hinton

Today’s show is about Murmur Tooth, a singer-songwriter from New Zealand who made Berlin, Germany her new home. Murmur Tooth has released two EPs and their first LP A Fault in This Machine was released in March 2020.

The music can be described as “dark and cinematic, grimy and beautiful, not for elevators, not for dancing”. But why don’t you give it a listen yourself? Find the video below, or listen to the full show recording by clicking the red button.

Murmur Tooth – “Rain Rain”
A Fault in This MachineMurmur ToothA Fault in This Machine
Weak KneesMurmur ToothA Fault in This Machine
Rain RainMurmur ToothA Fault in This Machine
Knees Are CleanMurmur ToothThe Room EP
BumpsMurmur ToothThe Room EP
A Belly FullMurmur ToothDropping Like Flies
The AccompliceMurmur ToothDropping Like Flies
Earth and MireMurmur ToothA Fault in This Machine
When Girls Read
Vampire Novels
Murmur ToothA Fault in This Machine
MemoryMurmur ToothA Fault in This Machine
These DaysMurmur ToothA Fault in This Machine

Find Murmur Tooth on YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp or check out their website





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