Thoroughly Modern Mondays: 5/8

Written by on April 9, 2019

Welcome back to Thoroughly Modern Mondays where the grab bag grabs back!

Per usual, I played my favorite songs to come out recently and explored the new world of music releases this week. Including but not limited to:

•A refreshing return to form from the Math-Rock/Midwest Emo band American Football who expounded on the initial success from their 1999 one-off album, coming back with an album that has a new life to it, even if the original namesake comes across a bit clunky in this new iteration

•An energetic synthpop romp released this year by the band Ladytron, named after the Roxy Music track of the same name. For fans of airy female vocals, steady drum machines, heavy-handed production, and expansive layers of keyboard patches.

•A farewell to my friends in the band Paranova, who’d just played their farewell show this past Friday. Still though, no reason not to listen to their wonderful music after the fact… better late than never, right? The band features a tightly wound Rock rhythm section with frenetic effects-driven guitar, and passionate backing vocals from bassist Erin Sperduti who can play circles around her instrument. A lil bit Mars Volta, a splash of Deftones, and maybe some undercurrents of Tool. Oh yeah, and their singer breaks out an insane sax solo halfway through. RIP Paranova

Marvin Gaye’s follow-up to “What’s Going On” was forever considered to be a ‘lost album’ until 2019, when the Gaye estate finally released the full recordings of this album: “You’re The Man”. Indefinitely shelved after Marvin butted heads with Motown head Barry Gordy over its heavy political statements, it took until this week for the album to finally see the light of day. The music is stunning as anything else he’d released in this time frame and any devout Soul junkie owes it to themselves to check this one out.

•This new track from King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard is just WOW. A surprise release from the band, “Planet B” is noticeably absent from their tracklist for their anticipated “Fishing For Fishies” album. Most likely because “Planet B” is a heavy, adrenaline-throttled THRASH song, something so far out of the box for even the Gizz boys. Fans have already started speculating that there could be an entirely separate album that revolves around this new heavy energy found.

Man is this a cool one! I mentioned on-air that this move reminds me of what Blackgaze band Deafheaven had been up to in 2019, their fusing of Black Metal and Shoegaze drew in many fans with their unique sound but their 2018 release left some fans cold, as it leant more towards the softer Post-Rock sounds of their aesthetic. And well, Deafheaven released “Black Brick” this year -a song that is no frills just a pure Metal song, possibly a power move to silence the haters. But anyway, long live King Gizzard. WOOOOOOOOO

The streaming feature at KPSU is still busted, so use your imagination for this one. Check out the songs in the tracklist below and catch next weeks episode live on-air at 6:00 on Monday.

And for classic rock fans, check out my other show: Left of the Dial. That’s where I play deep cuts from the classic age of vinyl and beyond. The most recent episode featured music by The Zombies, Howlin’ Wolf, John Lennon, Otis Redding and more.

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  • Welcome To The Working Week TMM Theme -Intro
    Elvis Costello
    “My Aim Is True”
  • Bad Feeling
    Cobra Man
    “Toxic Planet"
  • I Don’t Need You
    Acid Ghost
  • Black Bear
    Black Bear
    “The Cinnamon Phase”
  • French Girls
    “The Inevitable and I”
  • Hyperhollow
  • Until the Fire
    “Ladytron” NEW
  • Everything Is Falling Apart
    Teenage Fanclub
    *Single NEW
  • Sanity
    Nick Murphy/Chet Faker
    *Single NEW
  • Every Wave To Ever Rise (feat. Elizabeth Powell)
    American Football
    “American Football (LP3)” NEW
  • N Side
    Steve Lacy
    *Single NEW
  • Try It, You’ll Like It
    Marvin Gaye
    “You’re The Man” NEW
  • Planet B
    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    *Single NEW

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