Thoroughly Modern Mondays: 4/29/19

Written by on April 30, 2019

Welcome back to Thoroughly Modern Mondays: where the grab bag grabs back! Journey through the recent world of music and find out which tracks you should be listening to. This week, we explore the recent prelimary singles from great bands, play some notable songs from recent memory, and I reveal my favorite album released in 2019 so far.

Some highlights:

•Released in 2017, “Lost Cause” is an excellent rock number that is full of grit and resembles some of the best 1970’s styled bands. Black Pistol Fire miraculously only consists of two members, despite boasting a full band sound through their songs. The duo consists of drums and guitar, á la The White Stripes and they do everything in their power to get the most bang for their buck. The name alone was enough to sell me on the prospect of their music: the one-two combo of an album called Deadbeat Graffiti by Black Pistol Fire sounded too promising to overlook. And indeed it was worth every listen!

•One of the more promising acts of this Post-Punk Revival we’re caught in the tidal wave of, British rockers Shame caught the attention of many listeners far and wide with their debut record last year, Songs of Praise. In a recent session for Spotify Singles, they let loose on their take on The B-52’s beloved avant masterpiece “Rock Lobster”. And I can say from experience, if you plan on covering “Rock Lobster”, it’s go big or go home. Luckily enough, Shame puts their money where their mouth is and gives a performance to remember.

•A NEW SONG from the Electro moguls in Hot Chip. The first single from what is presumably a new album from the act is “Hungry Child”, an energetic slow burn that has prominent bubbling synths, danceable four-on-the-floor beats, and a convincing progression across the music’s runtime. Worth a listen for any fan of LCD Soundsystem or anyone fascinated with the British 90’s “Madchester” music scene, it’s not too far off from the charm of Primal Scream.

•Any self-respecting fan of the Shoegazing genre should recognize the band Ride, who’d secured their legacy by making one of what’s commonly referred to as the Holy Trinity of Shoegaze albums with their extraordinary debut Nowhere, right alongside Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine. They’ve picked up where they left off and are back pumping out great material. Some may remember that I’d selected “Cold Water People” from their 2018 E.P. for one of my favorites of that year, so I am more than interested in hearing what the next step is for this group. This new song from them “Future Love” has a big personality and reminds us why we fell in love with the band all those years ago.

•The lovely folks at the KPSU station recently set up a community board for the DJs asking us “What’s Your Favorite Album In 2019 So Far?” Well, it’s very early in the year as we all know, but it got me thinking about it. At this point in time I have to give the honor to Drift Code by Rustin Man, an album that is meticulously put together like a Machiavellian painting and keeps finding new ways to express interesting sounds. Some may recognize Rustin Man for his collaboration with Portishead‘s Beth Gibbons on the Out Of Season album: his only release thus far under this moniker. Well, he came out of the shadows this year and released a very impressive album that straddles the line between Post Rock, Art-Rock, and Chamber Pop.

•Big shoutout to the up-and-coming band Doll Skin for signing to Hopeless Records this past week. Doll Skin is an all-female Punk band whose bursting from the seams with inescapable personalities and throws down tracks with big guitars and sticky melodies. They announced their new signing to Hopeless Records by releasing their first track in 2019: “Mark My Words”, a female empowerment anthem that doesn’t forget to melt some faces along the way. Recommended for fans of The Distillers, Veruca Salt, The Donnas, or anyone who misses the heyday of the Riot Grrrl genre.

•Another episode of TMM, another day I get to talk about King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, I guess. This past Friday, they released their anticipated Fishing for Fishies album which sees the band take a different approach in sounds, all the while sounding distinctly like King Gizz. I selected my favorite non-single cut from the album as of now: “The Cruel Milennial”. This album fulfills a familiar want that I’d gotten from the Psychedelic/Folk hybrid constructed by The Grateful Dead. Arriving just in time for a sunny springtime, this is ideal hammock lazing music.

•Let it be known that Country music in the 80’s was a pretty dour place. Until it rescued itself from this rut with the enormous popularity of the Contemporary Country boom in the late 90’s, the genre proved stagnant for the better part of a decade. A sole bright spot in Country’s landscape then was the talent of Steve Earle who’s Guitar Town album stuck to genre roots while still bringing a fresh perspective on the music. It seems that Steve Earle is back in action and taking names on his new song “L.A. Highway”, a very steadily written song that is a pleasant breath of fresh air for today. Earle may have taken a page from the surprisingly triumphant comeback of 1970’s Folk guitarist John Prine who’d also had a very fruitful return to form on his album last year.

Thanks for checking this episode out! You can look at the last episode of Thoroughly Modern Mondays below, alongside my other Classic Rock oriented program Left of the Dial.





  • Welcome To The Working Week -TMM Theme
    Elvis Costello
    "My Aim Is True'
  • Lost Cause
    Black Pistol Fire
    "Deadbeat Graffiti"
  • Satellite
    "Ganging Up On The Sun"
  • Rock Lobster
    “Spotify Singles”
  • Hungry Child
    Hot Chip
    *Single NEW!
  • Future Love
    *Single NEW!
  • Our Tomorrow
    Rustin Man
    "Drift Code” NEW!
  • Rabbit In Your Headlights
    UNKLE, Thom Yorke
    "Psyence Fiction"
  • Mark My Words
    Doll Skin
    *Single NEW!
  • The Cruel Millennial
    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
    "Fishing For Fishies" NEW!
  • Bed
    "All About Chemistry"
  • L.A. Freeway
    Steve Earle
    *Single NEW!
  • Cry Cry Blood
    Steel Pulse
    *Single NEW!

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