A Night of Roses with Jackie M of Rose City Native Radio

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) on July 5, 2017

DJ Jackie M, host of Rose City Native Radio on KBOO.fm, joined Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) last night!

Download or stream the Podcast here at KPSU, Soundcloud, or Mixcloud!

We had a chance to enjoy a selection of electronic powwow from Jackie M and discuss all things Rose City Native Radio. Jackie took the time to discuss the mission and voice of Rose City Native Radio, some life changing experiences as a community DJ and how non-indigenous allies can be most helpful for native political and resistance initiatives.

Rose City Native Radio is a native public affairs show on 90.7FM KBOO in Portland Oregon. Our goal is to promote the native community both here in portland and across the US. We discuss critical native issues and are a platform for local native youth, activists and artists. We are one of the few non reservation native radio shows in the area and the show is 100% produced by natives. KBOO has had this time slot for natives for many years and over the years it has been passed down from one native to another. we also do our best to showcase modern and traditional native content.

Learn more about Rose City Native Radio at KBOO.fm // FaceBook // Instagram // Email





  • Young Drummer
    Boogey The Beat
  • ALie Nation Ft. John Trudell, Tanya Tagaq
    A Tribe Called Red
  • Powwow Night
    Enter Tribal
  • Powwow Carnival
    DJ Shub
  • Smoke Signals
    Boogey The Beat
  • Treaties
    Frank Wain
  • Caribou
    Tanya Tagaq
  • What Makes The Red Man Red
    Frank Wain
  • They say
    Leonard Summer
  • I'm An NDN 2
    A Tribe Called Red
  • Big Crow Ft. Black Lodge
    DJ Shub
  • Oral Tradition
    Mob Bounce
  • Rich Girl
  • Studio Energy
  • Grandmother Crickets
    Skookum Sound

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