Music for the Heart with Doki Doki Productions – What The Festival 2016 Artist Highlight

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) on June 2, 2016


Doki Doki residents: (left to right) Wolfkin,   Knate Phaser, Pacific Patterns, Bennyrox,         Jake McGeorge, Chris Bower.

Tonight on Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) we are featuring the Doki Doki music productions crew featuring three What The Festival 2016 artists (Bennyrox, Pacific Patterns, Wolfkin) with support from the resident DJs and co-owner/curator Emma Rose! Tune in to hear about the evolution of Doki Doki productions and what they are all about! Tonight DJ’s are playing both original mixes and original tracks including some unreleased KPSU exclusive content!

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Emma Rose and Bennyrox. Co-owners/curators at Doki Doki

Emma Rose and Bennyrox. Co-owners/curators at Doki Doki

After years of putting together some of Portland’s most legendary parties (Whiskey Wednesday, Sunday School, Fak Wednesdays, Waves) Gregorio (Bennyrox) Sanchez teamed up with his wife, Emma to form Doki Doki Productions. Doki Doki takes all of these parties and joins them together under one umbrella to bring local musicians together, bring bigger artists through town and to help form a community centered around many different genres of dance music, from bass, to trap, to house, to techno, to live electronica. None of this would be possible with their resident DJs Chris Bower, Wolfkin, Jake McGeorge, Knate Phaser and Pacific Patterns, who all bring a different style of music to the table, including original tracks. The variety in music, and long running weekly brings together many different people together into a unique, loving community – like a family. All in all, Doki Doki productions brings you (all of you) music for your beating heart!

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Keep on Growing out there!





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    Jake McGeorge
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  • Live Mix
    Knate Phaser
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    Pacific Patterns

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