Ayla Nereo – Cinematic Folk Ballad Composer – Featured Vote for Dancing Interview

Written by DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) on December 30, 2016

For a special pre-Vote for Dancing add-on episode of Learning to Grow with DJ Mkulima (The Farmer) we featured Ayla Nereo, cinematic folk ballad musician and composer, before she plays for the Sunday Vote for DancingBeloved Community Renewal Event!

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If Life is about Growing Ayla Nereo has some Deep Roots. Known for her genre-shattering, chill-inducing sound coined ‘Cinematic Fold Ballad’s,’ Nevada City based composer and musician intimately weaves the human connection with nature seamlessly in her music. It’s the seeds we were all born from and Ayla brings this ancient knowledge and energy into an immersive and beautiful soundscape with her Roots at the forefront.

We were able to explore some of Ayla’s philosophy, creativity and inspirations as she’s Grown into what Ayla brings to the World on this day. Ayla also curated a special playlist for KPSU highlighting her unique style. Take a listen, chillax, connect with Mother Earth, cast your Vote for Dancing this Sunday, New Years and don’t forget to Keep on Growing out There!!

Learn more about Ayla Nereo at her Website // Jumpsuit Records // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Youtube





  • Whispers
    Ayla Nereo
  • Tight Rope Walker
    Ayla Nereo
  • Rain - The Tide
  • Life-Bound Friend
    Ayla Nereo
  • Dawn to Flight
    Ayla Nereo
  • Seeds
    Ayla Nereo
  • Let it In
    Ayla Nereo
  • Turning Wake
    Ayla Nereo
  • Wild Burn
    Ayla Nereo
  • I Could Write (Acoustic)
    Ayla Nereo
  • The Course
    Ayla Nereo

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