Last in Line Episode 4

Written by on March 31, 2022

This week’s Billboard chart was from November 2, 1974. The songs were very distinctly from the middle of the funk decade, with songs from infamous names like The Jackson 5, The Isley Brothers, and Blue Swede. Some favorites of mine were Clap for the Wolfman by The Guess Who and Sexy Ida (Part 1) by Ike & Tina Turner, but I highly suggest looking through the playlist to find some of your own favorites. Maybe you’ll enjoy the best title we’ve seen yet on the show, Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow by Frank Zappa.

Perhaps the one and only exciting thing to happen during the week of November 2, 1974 was “The Rumble in the Jungle.” Muhammad Ali faced George Foreman in the fight for the world heavyweight champion, which Foreman was defending and Ali was returning for after a seven year without the title. Ali knocked out Foreman in the eighth round, earning the latter his first loss. This was also the match that Ali first showed off his now-infamous “rope-a-dope” tactic.





  • Clap for the Wolfman
    The Guess Who
    The Essential Guess Who
  • Don't Send Nobody Else
    Ace Spectrum
    Inner Spectrum
  • Straight Shootin' Woman
    Slow Flux
  • Shoe Shoe Shine
    The Dynamic Superioers
    The Dynamic Superiors
  • Sexy Ida (Part 1)
    Ike & Tina Turner
    The Best of Ike & Tina Turner
  • Never My Love (ft. Bjorn Skifs)
    Blue Swede
    Hooked on a Feeling - 40th Anniversary Collection
  • Fire Baby, I'm on Fire
    Andy Kim
    Greatest Hits
  • Country Side of Life
    Wet Willie
    Keep on Smilin'
  • Willie and the Hand Jive
    Eric Clapton
    461 Ocean Blvd. (Deluxe Edition)
  • Whatever You Got, I want
    The Jackson 5
    Dancing Machine
  • Live It Up, Pts. 1 & 2
    The Isley Brothers
    Live It Up
  • Nobody
    The Doobie Brothers
    The Doobie Brothers
  • Give Me a Reason to Be Gone
    Maureen McGovern
    Best of/20th Century
  • Easy Street
    The Edgar Winter Group
    Shock Treatment
  • Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
    Frank Zappa

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