In The Gutter #14: I Adapt With J.J. Vazquez

Written by on May 2, 2022

Professor J.J. Vazquez

In this episode, I talk with the very impressive J.J. Vazquez an independent filmmaker and educator who taught a class all about adapting comics into films. A very relevant topic these days, and the good Professor Vazquez proved to have a lot of inciteful thoughts and opinions.

High-Res Teaser Poster and Wallpaper for Scott Pilgrim vs ...

We also threw the Watchmen movie, along with some of our friends and family, under the bus. See ya all for Thanksgiving!

Vazquez told me that he is going to be doing the Comics adaptation class again this summer and that his hopes for where the comic studies program will go in the future. He also shared with me the comic series that he’d love to adapt for the screen.

If you’re curious about J.J.’s work here’s his IMDb page, dude has worked on DragonBall Z: Light of Hope, Power Rangers: Shattered Grid (written and directed by Kyle Higgins of Radiant Black), and the Sons of the Devil short film.

The Morning Watch: The Morning Watch: 'Power Rangers ...

That’s all for today! Now go rock out to some awesome anime themes.





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