In The Gutter #11: The Incredible Douglas Wolk

Written by on March 3, 2022


I get the opportunity to interview someone whose nerd knowledge dwarfs my own (not an easy feat), the comics scholar who read 27,000 Marvel comics from 1961 to 2019 or more and lived to write a great book about it; All The Marvels. The dude must either be Indestructible or immortal.

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It was an odd feeling interviewing Douglas Wolk, as this is one of the first times since Misha Gehr that I actually knew my interviewee before I interviewed them. It had been a few years since I’ve talked to him in Comics History and to this day I’ve never seen him in person. So I was almost suspicious of how smoothly the interview went. Wolk has been talking about this book a lot since it came out and it really shows as he was able to answer every one of my questions really well, sure there was the classic audio issues here and there but by the end of it, I almost didn’t believe how well it went. Surely something must have gone wrong? He didn’t laugh at one or two of my subtle jokes so that couldn’t be the problem (did you catch them?), and we actually went overtime on the interview so I had to cut some things in order to fit the hour. Maybe it’s just that when the interview was over I realized that I still had more questions for him. Guess we’ll all just have to go find our answers in his book and whatever else he does in the future. He told me that he’s going to be teaching another comics course at PSU so any students should definitely keep an eye out for that.

You can see Douglas Wolk and the great Douglas Walker on stage at Alberta Rose Theatre, 3000 NE Alberta St. on March 16th from 7pm to 8:30pm. No-cost tickets available at

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All the Marvels Tumblr can be found here:

BAH! Enjoy that one.

Flashbacks taken from Diana Schutz (Episode #10) and Katie Pryde (Episode #9)

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