In the Gutter #10.5: Diana Shutz Saves My Day

Written by on February 24, 2022

Today on In the Gutter I was supposed to have Dr. Kacy McKinney a comic studies professor and cartoonist here at PSU who is the Lead Researcher on Changing the Narrative Through Collaborative Comics: Stories of Student Homelessness and Housing Instability. Using funds provided by PSU’s Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative, and partnering with Street Roots, Independent Publishing Resource Center, and the Downstairs Gallery. The research takes the form of a series of short comics that tell the stories of Portland State University students who have experienced homelessness. You can see these comics right now at the PSU Native American Student and Community Center, and it’s completely free to PSU Faculty, Staff, and Students. But it does close on the 28th. You can also pick up a print copy of the comics throughout February from any Street Roots vendor.

Sadly Dr. McKinney wasn’t able to make a scheduled interview, in which I was hoping to convince you all to go check these comics out but after seeing the project for myself it has my full recommendation. You should all definitely go check it out, and in the meantime, Dr. McKinney and I have rescheduled our interview so you can expect that in two weeks or so.

In other comics news I will be conducting an interview with comics artist Steven Christian whose webcomic: Eyelnd Feevr, that’s E-y-e land F-E-E-V-R is also on display This time at  JORDAN SCHNITZER MUSEUM OF ART at PSU and also available for free. This interview isn’t going to be an “In the Gutter Interview” but I will leave links to it on the blog and on the In_the_Gutter_Show Instagram (which I have now) This interview is more for JSMA’s Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Exhibition which features a variety of artwork from over 60 different artists. Christian’s art is the only one that I would call comic-focused but the pieces of art are definitely worth your time.

Now, sadly I don’t have a guest to talk to today, and I didn’t have enough time to write something up like I usually do. But luckily last week’s Diana Shutz episode went overtime so I thought I’d just play the rest of that for you instead. She talks about that time she drove Jack Kirby around, and some other fun stories, as well as further helping me write a better resume for comics publishers. You should probably listen to the last interview I did with her before listening to this one but otherwise… ENJOY!





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