The House of Sarcasm #42 – LOCAL MUSIC ROCKS

Written by on May 17, 2019

The Suicide Notes – photo by Matto Photo

The House of Sarcasm #42 – LOCAL MUSIC ROCKS

Hey thanks for listening. Once again, this show was not recorded, so don’t bother with the download link. Sorry about that!

Check out these upcoming events featuring local bands and artists I’ve played on this show:

Drunk on Pines / Dark OZ / Trouble Cuts – May 17 at the Hawthorne Hideaway

Storm Large performs with the Oregon Symphony – May 18-20 at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall

Keith’s Birthday Show with One Drink and Other Lies / Latter Day Skanks – May 18 at Misdemeanor Meadows (happy birthday Keith!)

Dartgun and the Vignettes / Creature Party / Rad Max – May 18 at High Water Mark Lounge

SHOTSKI w/ The Breach & Slam Dunk – May 23 at Dante’s

J. Graves / Elly Swope / Ezza Rose – May 24 at Turn Turn Turn

Bad Move / Two and a Half Blondes / Barnaby Jones / Moon Troop – May 24 at the Twilight

The Decliners / Plaid Pantry Project / Chris Newman Deluxe Combo – May 24 at No Fun

Somerset Meadows, with Mountain Meadows Massacre, and The Lawn – May 25 at Misdemeanor Meadows (that’s a lot of meadows!)

I will be graduating at the end of this term, so I have three more weeks of classes as an undergrad! I am not sure if I will be doing the show every week, but I will try. I may also do one during finals week. We shall see! Anyway, be sure to tune in next Friday at 11. Thank you for listening!





  • Smells Like A Single
    Completely Detached
    Completely Detached Demo
  • Where Is My Mind
    Storm Large
    Ladylike, Side One
  • Idea
    Elly Swope
    It Feels the Same Everytime
  • Hogan Caulfield
    Barnaby Jones
    The Forest
  • Sirens of Rock & Roll
    Plaid Pantry Project
    Little Stories
  • Pick Me Up
    Pulling It Off
    Pick Me Up // You Got Me
  • I Can See You
    Somerset Meadows
    Time and Relative Dimensions in Sound
  • Karaoke Star
    Creature Party
    Best Regards
  • Cocaine Stomp
    The Misfortunes of Mr. Teal
    Half Rack
  • Velvet Crime
    The Suicide Notes
    Is That You?
  • Born to Die (no Trump No Kkk)
    Millions of Dead Cops
    Mein Trumpf
  • Like A Rusty Nail Through My Forehead
  • Why’d You go and Marry Me
    Heidi Hellbender
    Come Home
  • Depression Mountain 3: Fear of Literally Everything
    PDX Pop Now! Compilation, Vol. 16
  • Rifles and Guns
    The Edgies
    The Edgies
  • Codeine Cough Syrup
    The Lady Clares
    Tell Me a Story of the West

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