The House of Sarcasm #26 – More Local Music from Portland, Oregon

Written by on November 16, 2018

Hurry Up

The House of Sarcasm #26 – Local Music from Portland, Oregon.

Here are some upcoming events featuring local bands:

Rad Max / Completely Detached / Millennial Falcon / Less Than – Friday, Nov. 16 at No Fun

Heidi Heartbreaker’s Birthday Bash with Lordy Lords / The Punchers / Street Tramps / Acoustic Noir – Friday, Nov. 16 at The Twilight

Lovesores / Tiger Touch – Saturday, Nov. 17 at Bare Bones

Tribe of the Outcast/ Saint Jacks Parade/ Lecherous – Saturday, Nov. 17 at the Lombard Pub

I will not be doing the show next Friday because of the holiday weekend.  I’ll be back on the 30th – just in time for finals!  Have a great week and thank you for listening to The House of Sarcasm where I play only local music!

Please click the blue “Download” link below to download today’s show, or listen to the show here: on Mixcloud





  • O! Utopia
    Maurice and the Stiff Sisters
    O! Utopia / Fender XII Single
  • No Distance (Between You & Me)
    Ural Thomas and the Pain
    The Right Time
  • Sugar Free Panic
    Seething in Whisper Town
  • Panic on 39th
    The Rats
    The Rats
  • Johnny Q
    Crazy 8’s
    20th Anniversary Edition of Law and Order
  • Cold Weather Music
    Kill Some Time
  • Hot Chocolate
    The Satin Chaps
    Might I Suggest the Satin Chaps
  • Miss Elena
    Heidi Hellbender
    Come Home
  • Riverbound
    Class M Planets
  • The Visitor
    Die Robot
  • Pick You Up
    Hurry Up
    Hurry Up
  • The Crossing
    Grand Head
    Melting the Fuse
  • Sick Bitch
    I-5 Killers, vol. 2
  • Last Chance
    Sam Henry
    A Compilation of Portland Music Volume 3
  • Nerd Love Song
    The PDX Broadsides
    Static Waves 4
  • Sublime Haze
    The High Violets
    Trust Issues
  • Bridges (Live)
    Steve Johnson and the Forgotten Souls
    Live at the Ash Street Saloon

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