Some of the Best 80’s Music You’ve (Probably) Never Heard

Written by on April 17, 2018

This ain’t your daddy’s 80’s music show.

Fad Gadget

For all of the Talking Heads and Michael Jacksons, the Joy Divisions and Princes of the decade, the 1980’s contained a multitude of artists largely ignored by the classic rock DJs and “80’s nights” of the world.

This week on Holy Lung Radio Hour we’re digging deep into the past, discovering the highly influential (and mostly-forgotten) artists who informed much of what is considered the “80’s sound,” while also dabbling in a bit of pop cultural history.

For example, did you know the first group to ever use a Roland TR-808 drum machine on a recording was the Japanese band Yellow Magic Orchestra?

Or that Max Headroom (featured on Art of Noise’s “Paranoima”) was the “world’s first computer-generated TV host?”

Mr. Headroom, pictured above in 1985, whose computer-generated appearance was created using latex and foam prosthetic makeup. The neon, geometric background was created using cel animation, produced by Rod Lord.

Also, uncovering a banal mystery from a consumer experience of the not-too-distant past, I feature “Opus Number 1,” the “famous” hold music you probably have heard before, if you ever rang customer service in the 90’s/2000’s.

Recorded by a sixteen year-old in his parent’s garage, Tim Carleton composed the proto-vaporwave track in 1989, only to show it to a few friends and then forget about it.

In the 90’s, Carleton’s friend was working for Cisco Systems, the technology conglomerate. Helping develop the company’s IP phone system, he realized the product should have music for when a caller is on hold — for maximum consumer pleasure (also, because listening to music literally distorts our perception of time).

The old friend reached out to Carleton and asked to use the song, which he remembered from high school and thought suited Cisco’s corporate culture. Carleton allowed it, and the recording was installed on over 65 million Cisco phone systems.

If you think about it, it’s probably the most listened to recording in history in which the musician’s name is virtually unknown.

Well, it was Tim.

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  • Opus Number 1
    Tim Carleton
    Cisco Default Hold Music (youtube)
  • Cue
    Yellow Magic Orchestra
  • Can't Hardly Wait
    The Replacements
    Pleased to Meet Me
  • Julia
    Asylum Party
    Picture One
  • Ghetto Defendant
    The Clash
    Combat Rock
  • Satellites
    Rickie Lee Jones
    Flying Cowboys
  • Love talkin honey it's you (Album Edit)
    Tatsuro Tamashita
    Love talkin honey... (youtube)
  • Paranoimia (Official Video)
    The Art of Noise with Max Headroom
    In Visible Silence
  • Opus Number 1
    Tim Carleton
    Cisco Default Hold Music (youtube)
  • Perfect Murder
    The Glove
    Blue Sunshine
  • Back to Nature
    Fad Gadget
    Best of Fad Gadget
  • Dead Moon Night
    Dead Moon
    Unknown Passage
  • Love
    Art of Noise
  • Head On
    The Jesus and Mary Chain

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