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Written by on March 5, 2018

The Birds and the Bees

“You were conceived right in that blue house,” he said, pointing to a cramped one-bedroom
bungalow. It was shadowed by two newer, taller apartments packed on either side.

“See the window on the left? That was our bedroom.”

Bernal Heights, San Francisco, a moment of a passion—July, I reckon, 1983. It was important
for him that I see the exact place in which he came and made me with my mom. I was eleven years old
and we were having “The Talk,” as it’s known.


dad had a strong opinion on music and was quite snide about the stuff i discovered as a teen. music i eagerly showed him, turning up the volume and holding my breath.


i respected his authority, playing mix tapes recorded on the tape deck, and he would say something like

“i’m not amused. the melody is too similar to the rhythm section.”


despite his sometimes-insufferable pretensions, after his death i inherited his music, literally with his vinyl, cds, cassettes; figuratively with a taste developed, standards which have guided me to truly interesting work I’d otherwise dismissed as uncouth.

a sampling of songs which always remind me of him, songs he’d play on repeat, rewinding the tape deck or picking up that needle and placing it back, over, over, over.

rip kim edwards (1949 – 2004)

with love,
dj jules

*skip to 2:30 for show beginning





  • Above the Treetops
    Pat Metheny Group
    Secret Story
  • The Horses
    Rickie Lee Jones
    Flying Cowboys
  • Vagabond Virgin
  • The Tears of a Clown
    Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
    Make It Happen
  • If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
    Very Best of
  • Avalon
    Roxy Music
  • Waterloo Sunset (Stereo Mix)
    The Kinks
    Something Else
  • Dragnet
    The Art of Noise
    In No Sense? Nonsense!!
  • "The Birds and the Bees" (spoken)
    Jeremy Jules Edwards
  • Love of My Life
    A Night At the Opera
  • Mercy Street
    Peter Gabriel
  • O Leaozinho
    Catano Veloso
    Brazil Classics 1: Beleza Trpoical
  • Dream Weaver
    Gary Wright
    The Dream Weaver
  • Back of My Mind
    John Hiatt
    Stolen Moments

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