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Written by on November 30, 2019

Mongolian Throat Rock

I am Shakie and thank you for listening to the show – Hanging in the balance, I am here to balance out your high paced weekdays with some relaxing meditative tunes and introducing world music every Saturday 2 pm. Enjoy these tunes in your own space sitting in meditation, or just relaxing in your cozy bed. 

Mongolian throat singing –

Tuvan throat singing, Khoomei, Hooliin Chor (in Mongolian, ‘throat harmony’), or Mongolian throat singing is one particular variant of overtone singing practiced by people in MongoliaInner MongoliaTuva and Siberia. In 2009, it was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO, under the name Mongolian art of singing, Khoomei.

The Hu

We began with Mongolian Throat Rock band called the Hu. In addition to throat singing this band combines traditional Mongolian instruments, like a horse-head fiddle (morin khuur), Jew’s harp (tumur khuur) and Mongolian guitar (tovshuur) with the pounding bass and drums of rock.

It is not just their instruments that incorporate traditional elements. In the band’s first song, “Yuve Yuve Yu” (What’s going on?), they mention Genghis Khan and how he was fated to bring nations together. The video begins with images of people inside playing video games, watching television and looking at their phones. A door is opened and the band’s four members step into different natural settings: cliffs, desert, forest and lake. The message they hope to convey through their lyrics and imagery is that people need to pay attention to nature and their history and culture.

The support that the Hu band has been showered with recently provides a glimpse of hopeful future for traditional instruments and music culture.
You can check the band out at –

References –

Here is a couple more links to Mongolian folk music with Throat singing and their traditional instruments.

Folk Song – Praise Him – Chinggis Khan
Khusugtun(Nomad-cart) – Mongolian Music in London 2011

The support that the Hu band has been showered with recently provides a glimpse of hopeful future for traditional music culture and classical instruments.
You can check the band out at –

A TEDx performance




  • Yuve Yuve Yu
    The Hu
    The Gereg
  • Praise him - Chinggis khan
    Ts Galbadrakh
    Mongolian Folk song
  • Tes golyn Magtaal - Praise for river Tes
    Mongolian Folk song
  • Toroi bandi
    Mongolian Folk song
  • Kazuko (Peace Child)
    Pharoan Sanders
  • Gates of dawn
    Grounded in space
  • Music For Rest And Recovery Of The Body
    #Healing music (Youtube channel)

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