Body Heart Spirit and Music

Written by on November 23, 2019

Body Heart Spirit and Music

As promised I am here to balance out your high paced weekdays and play some meditative tunes.
Today we are explorers on a musical journey. We are going to explore how the musical instruments affect our body.

We begin with
Body meditation – First level of existence

In the ancient Indian classical music books – it was noted that percussion instruments affect our personality chakras. When I say personality – it could mean body, identity, ego, self, and your own personal nature. It is with a beat of percussion instruments that we feel like swaying and dancing.

So take a deep dive within your body and feel every inch of the shakes and tremors of this Shamanic drumming.

Powerful Shamanic Drumming.

Heart Meditation – Second level.

The next level of existence which is related to love and your interactions in this world. The metal instruments especially the string instruments are said to open up our hearts – for meaningful interactions, sending and receiving love with other beings on the planet. 
Send and receive love with the next piece of music. Guitar, Piano and the Indian classical instrument Sarod blend together to open up boundless love within.


Spirit Meditation – Third level.

Our next level of existence is – our connection to nature, plants, animals, earth, universe, Spirit, God – whatever we like to call it. This is what gives us energy on a day to day basis.

Wind instruments , bells, nature sounds – like running water, Waves at the beach, Birds chirping, tibetan singing bowls – All take us to that sacred place within us which is untouched and which gives us happiness, energy and peace.
Next piece of music has many things stated above.

Flute Meditation

Summing up:
We talked about how different types of instruments affect our levels of existence. Musicians, DJs, and composers use this knowledge knowingly or unknowingly to give us beautiful pieces of music. We can use this knowledge for relaxing and meditating as well.
Have a headache – listen to something soothing with no beat or soft beats.
Feel sleepy while studying – listen to something with beats.
Its a music hack!

Thank you for listening.
I will be adding more and more interesting information about meditation and relaxation. And sharing some world music right here.
If you like the content – do send some love in the way of comments or sharing the posts with your friends and family.
See you next week. 🙂






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