Geography of Hip Hop 63 Listen.Endorphins.Offend.Educate.Question.Understand.Repeat

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  • Crazy Del Song/In The Cloak of Darkness (prod. Del the Funky Homosapien)
    Del the Funky Homosapien (Oakland CA)
    unreleased (1992)
  • Post 9/11 Blues (prod. Riz MC)
    Riz MC (Wembley ENGLAND)
    single (2006)
  • PSK, What Does it Mean? (prod. J.B. Weaver)
    Schoolly D (Philadelphia PA)
    Schoolly D (1985)
  • Old School (prod. Soulshock, Jay-B, Ezi Cut)
    2pac (New York NY/Baltimore MD/Marin City CA)
    Me Against the World (1995)
  • How Dare You (prod. Larry Smith)
    Whodini (Brooklyn NY)
    Back in Black (1986)
  • Mr. Invisible (prod. The Grouch)
    The Grouch (Oakland CA)
    Don't Talk to Me (1995)
  • Once Again (prod. Lee Majors)
    Lee Majors (Oakland CA) feat. Husalah (Pittsburg CA)
    Paper Bag Money (2011)
  • Pain Gang (prod. Cynic)
    Ill Bill (Brooklyn NY) feat. B-Real (Los Angeles CA), Everlast (Valley Stream NY/Los Angeles CA)
    The Hour of Reprisal (2008)
  • Had 2 Gat Ya (prod. Brotha Lynch Hung)
    Brotha Lynch Hung (Sacramento CA)
    24 Deep (1993)
  • It's Like That {My Big Brother} (prod. Redman)
    Redman (Newark NJ) feat. K-Solo (Central Islip NY)
    Muddy Waters (1996)
  • Deeper (prod. Def Jef)
    Bo$$ (Detroit MI) feat. Papa Juggy (Detorit MI)
    Born Gangstaz (1993)
  • Throw It All Away (prod. Alchemist)
    Evidence (Los Angeles CA)
    single (2017)
  • Hijab {Wrap my Hijab} (prod. Mona Haydr)
    Mona Haydr (Flint MI)
    single (2017)

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