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  • One More Chance {hip hop remix} (produced by Sean "Puffy" Combs, Rashad Smith)
    Notorious B.I.G. (Brooklyn NY) feat. Total (Newark NJ)
    single (1995)
  • Windows (produced by J. Thrill)
    The CMA (Oakland/Los Angeles CA)
    All Over (2005)
  • Wheelz of Steel (produced by Earthtone Ideas)
    Outkast (Atlanta GA)
    ATLiens (1996)
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks (produced by Beatdown Productions)
    Artifacts (Newark NJ)
    Between a Rock and a Hard Place (1994)
  • Murder Sight (produced by Big Webb)
    Guce (San Francisco CA)
    Clear and Present Danger (1996)
  • Pop Ya Collar (produced by C-Funk)
    San Quinn (San Francisco CA) & Messy Marv (San Francisco CA) feat. E-40 (Vallejo CA)
    Explosive Mode (1998)
  • Coastin' (produced by Amp Live)
    Zion I (Oakland CA) feat. K. Flay (Wilmette IL)
    The Takeover (2009)
  • Slump (produced by Slumplordz)
    Slumplordz (Oakland CA)
    The Yakuza in Don't Worry About the Caliber (2000)
  • A.W.O.L. (produced by Gregski)
    RBX (Long Beach CA)
    The RBX Files (1995)
  • Real Muthaphuckin G's (produced by Rhythm D)
    Eazy-E (Compton CA) feat. Dresta (Compton CA), B.G. Knocc Out (Compton CA)
    It's on (Dr. Dre) 187um Killa (1993)
  • Fuckin wit Dre Day (produced by Dr. Dre)
    Dr. Dre (Compton CA) feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg (Long Beach CA)
    The Chronic (1992)
  • La Familia (produced by Julio G, Tony G)
    Frost (Los Angeles CA) feat. Rich Garcia (Los Angeles CA)
    Smile Now, Die Later (1995)
  • Super Brooklyn (produced by DJ Rob)
    Smif N Wessun (Brooklyn NY)
    single (1999)

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