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  • Till the Endathis (produced by The Grouch)
    The Grouch (Oakland CA)
    F*ck the Dumb (1998)
  • Cosby Sweater (produced by Suffa)
    Hilltop Hoods (Adelaide AUSTRALIA)
    Walking Under the Stars (2014)
  • So Rich, So Pretty (produced by Cisco Adler)
    Mickey Avalon (Hollywood CA)
    Mickey Avalon (2006)
  • Crazy in Love (produced by Richard Harrison, Beyonce)
    Beyonce (Houston TX) feat. Jay-Z (Brooklyn NY)
    Dangerously in Love (2003)
  • At the Helm (produced by Domino)
    Hieroglyphics (Oakland CA)
    3rd Eye Vision (1998)
  • The Festival Song (produced by Matik)
    Pez (Melbourne AUSTRALIA)
    A Mind of My Own (2004)
  • Intergalactic (produced by Mario Caldato Jr.)
    Beastie Boys (Brooklyn NY)
    Hello Nasty (1998)
  • Come Along (produced by Eligh)
    Luckiam.PSC (Los Angeles CA)
    Justify the Means (2002)
  • Insane in the Brain (produced by Cypress Hill)
    Cypress Hill (South Gate CA)
    Black Sunday (1993)
  • Manslaughter (produced by Tommy Wright III
    Tommy Wright III (Memphis TN) feat. Mr. Tinimaine (Memphis TN), 2-Faced (Memphis TN), Mac T-Dog (Memphis TN) & Project Pimp (Memphis TN)
    On the Run (1996)
  • Must Stay Paid (produced by KRS-ONE)
    Broadway (The Bronx NY)
    Must Stay Paid/Enjoy Yourself EP (1996)
  • Unconditional Love (produced by Johnny "J")
    2 Pac (New York NY/Baltimore MD/Marin City CA) feat. Nanci Fletcher (?)
    unreleased (?)
  • Same Love (produced by Ryan Lewis)
    Macklemore (Seattle WA) & Ryan Lewis (Seattle WA)
    The Heist (2012)
  • Grow Food (produced by Appetite for Change)
    Appetite for Change (Minnesota MN)
    single (2016)

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