Geography Dept. 105 2018 to 1980s bounce because?

Written by on March 4, 2018

1st couple minutes of show had a guest planned, but it wasn’t meant to be. So had to go to plan B (again) and WING IT! I know yall love when I wing it so enjoyed thinking about this time traveling type show on the fly. Peace. Respect. No Invite. Ego Trippin. Im over it. I never claim to be a actual DJ that spins vinyl or live shows, just a podcaster/streamer and Im good with that. Enjoy.

Check out my Instagram rayzzaray : Twitter realrAYzArAY and if you make any kind of music or you just a enthusiast of geography, or hip hop, or from the struggle, or a sports fan, a student, a podcaster, an academic, etc! and want to show up and come on college radio in studio or over the phone for an hour on my show. Hit me up on one of those platforms. Cheers.





  • Chinese Dreidels (prod. FATCATHAYZE156)
    MC Whiteowl (Greenburgh NY)
    Born Yesterday (2018)
  • Can You Feel It? (prod. Kurtis Blow)
    The Fat Boys (Brooklyn NY)
    The Fat Boys (1984)
  • Movin It (prod. Beatnick, K-Salaam, TryBishop)
    Beatnick (Minneapolis MN) & K Salaam (Minneapolis MN) feat. Tech N9ne (Kansas City MO), Wrekonize (Miami FL)
    The Bluest Flame (2017)
  • Friends (prod. Larry Smith)
    Whodini (Brooklyn NY)
    Escape (1984)
  • Powder Cocaine (prod. Alchemist)
    Evidence (Los Angeles CA) feat. Slug (Minneapolis MN), Catero (Chicago IL)
    Weather or Not (2018)
  • I Got it Made (prod. Howie Tee)
    Special Ed (Brooklyn NY)
    Youngest in Charge (1989)
  • Plain Jane (prod. Kirk Knight)
    A$AP Ferg (New York NY) feat. Nicki Minaj (Queens NY)
    single (2017)
  • Love Rap (prod. Bobby Robinson)
    Spoonie Gee (New York NY)
    single (1979)
  • Last Time That I Checc'd (prod. Kacey Khaliel, Mike & Keys and Rance 1500)
    Nipsey Hussle (Los Angeles CA) feat. Y.G. (Compton CA)
    Victory Lap (2018)
  • Everlasting Bass (prod. Rodney O)
    Rodney O (Compton CA) & Joe Cooley (Compton CA)
    Me & Joe (1988)
  • I'm Livin Better Now (prod. Phonix Beats)
    Jae Mansa (? NC) feat. D.A. (?)
    single (2017)
  • Hold It Now Hit It (prod. Rick Rubin, Beasite Boys)
    Beastie Boys (Brooklyn NY/New York NY)
    License to Ill (1986)
  • Pick it Up (prod. FKi 1st, Sosa 808)
    Famous Dex feat. A$AP Rocky (New York NY)
    Dex Meet Dexter (2018 unreleased)
  • Dont Stop Rappin' (prod. Too $hort, Dean Hodges)
    Too $hort (Oakland CA)
    Don't Stop Rappin' (1983)
  • All My Enemies (prod. Chris Paxson
    AP.9 (Oakland CA) feat. The Jacka (Richmond CA/Pittsburg CA), Husalah (Pittsburg CA), Rhydah J. Klyde (Pittsburg CA), Fed-X (Richmond CA/Pittsburg CA)
    94th & Jacka (2018)

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