Geography Department 99 The Other 50 States

Written by on January 27, 2018

Many US States were left out of this show on purpose because of their proximity and historical hip hop talent. But also some other were left out so be on the look out for the other 50 states vol 2 soon.

*J Crum is from Omaha Nebraska not South Dakota as stated in the show

*  Mac Lethal might be from Kansas City Missouri but one source I had, he is from Kansas? Kansas City metro area includes cities over the border in Kansas, so geographically its very close and an invisible line 🙂

* Sneak-E is from my hometown San Jose CA unknowingly I thought he was North Dakota, but has lived there since 2003

* CunninLynguists is from Kentucky but also Atlanta GA





  • Raw Thoughts (prod. C-Lance & Nox Beatz)
    Chris Webby (Norwalk CT)
    Wednesday (2017)
  • Figure Four (prod. Tory Hooks)
    J. Crum (Omaha NE)
    Black Sheep (2016)
  • They Know (prod. Raw Beatzz)
    Bay Dilla (Anchorage AK)
    single (2010)
  • Honolulu (prod Syze-One)
    Tassho Pearce aka Emiric (Honolulu HI)
    The Opening Act (2008)
  • Weekly Wage (prod. Danny Grooves)
    Mac Lethal (Kansas City KS)
    Congratulations (2016)
  • Out of North Dakota (prod. D&N Cinematics)
    Sneak E feat J. Good (San Jose CA/Bismark ND) feat J. Good (?)
    single (2014)
  • Out of Deleware (prod. The Beat Bully)
    Bobby Dime$ (Wilmington DE)
  • Linguistics (prod. Kno)
    CunninLynguists (Lexington KY/Versaille KY/Atlanta GA)
    Will Rap For Food (2001)
  • New Mexico (prod. Kayhoes)
    Wake Self (Albuqurque NM)
    Good Things Happen to Those Who Wake (2014)
  • The People's Douche (prod. Principal Dean)
    Spose (Wells ME)
    The Peter Speaker Mixtape (2013)
  • Perfect-Mal-F (prod. Aeon Gray)
    Maxilla Blue (Des Moines IA)
    Vol. 3 (2012)
  • Tea Sippin (prod. Brisk)
    Cig Burna (West Valley City UT), Lefty 2 Guns (Salt Lake City UT)
    single (2017)
  • Wasted (prod. Eyenine)
    Eyenine (Dover NH)
    Insomnia Sessions (2009)
  • My Life (prod. KeanuBeats)
    Obi J (Oklahoma City OK)
    Okie Doke (2017)
  • AZ Side (prod. Irin Daniels)
    Nasty Boy Klick (Phoenix AZ)
    The 1st Chapter (1997)
  • Hometown (prod. ?)
    Y.O. (Cheyenne WY)
    single (2012)

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