Geography Department 97 “Shithole” & Banned Places

Written by on January 15, 2018

SHOUTOUT to all maligned peoples of the world. I hope for a bright future for you and that some of you can have a chance for a better life. All the nations I wanted on this show I couldn’t fit in or couldn’t find the talent (but I know its out there) like Nigeria, Nepal, The Solomon Islands, Madagascar and other places, contact me @rayza_r_ay instagram for any international artists especially with political (not supporting a candidate or party but injustice/corruption) and messages about life in their country/hard times and I promise to put it on the next show. RESPECT to all the shitholes and the banned.





  • Nalestan (prod. 143BandMusic)
    Paradise Sorouri (Kabul AFGHANISTAN/Ispahan IRAN/Herat AFGHANISTAN)
    Bright Future (2017)
  • Ciudad de Sueños (prod. Pescozada)
    Pescozada (Chalatenango EL SALVADOR), Zaki (San Salvador EL SALVADOR), Rompiendo El Silencio (San Salvador EL SALVADOR)
    single (2017)
  • Alo lapolis (prod. Pye Poud)
    Pye Poud (? HAITI)
    single (2017)
  • The First New Ethiopian Cypher Abyssinia Returns (prod. Cypher Abyssinia)
    Cypher Abyssinia (? ETHIOPIA)
    single (2016)
  • No More Shame لا مزيد من العار (prod. DJ Ezzo)
    MC Swat ماك سوات (Benghazi LIBYA)
    single (2012)
  • D3s Al-Kol وحوش اليمن كاوي (prod Yemen Monsters)
    Kawi دعس الكل (Sana'a YEMEN)
    single (2016)
  • Yaabka al Shabaab (prod. Waayaha Cusub)
    Waayaha Cusub (Mogadishu SOMALIA)
    single (2010)
  • Ovationné (prod. Kortchop)
    227 Concept (Niamey NIGER)
    single (2015)
  • J'ai vu (prod. Djimi Finger)
    Pit Baccardi (Yaoundé CAMEROON/Paris FRANCE) feat. Lauree (Paris FRANCE)
    Pit Baccardi (1999)
  • Gardien du Temple (prod. Turbo)
    Imaam T (N'Djamena CHAD)
    single (2016)
  • For the Freedom (prod. Chun-hyok Kang)
    Chun-hyok Kang (? NORTH KOREA)
    single (2016)
  • Ekhtelaf (prod. Hichkas)
    Hichkas هیچکس (Tehran IRAN)
    Jangale Asfalt (2006)
  • Hip Hop Rohingya အာကာဟိန္း (prod. ?)
    Emc Hlwan Paing (? MYANMAR
    single (2012)
  • Em Kurdin (prod. Rêzan)
    Rêzan (?) feat. Ferro (?) (Syria/Iraq/Turkey/Iran)
    Em Kurdin (2012)
  • A Qui Profite le Crime (prod. Smokey)
    Smockey (Ouagadougou BURKINA FASO)
    Code Noir (2007)
  • Mbama(prod. DJ Sley)
    Gwamba (Rumphi MALAWI)
    single (2017)
  • Plantification Familiale (prod. Master Soumy)
    Master Soumy (Bamako MALI)
    single (2017)
  • Africa Child (prod. Charlie Gold)
    Christoph the Change (Monrovia LIBERIA)
    single (2017)
  • I'm Sorry Mamy (prod. Prophett Killah)
    Prophett Killah (Maputo MOZAMBIQUE) feat. Keizzah (Maputo MOZAMBIQUE)
    single (2015)

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