Geography Department 81 Hip Hop Therapist w/ Torin and Leslie drop in studio

Written by on September 12, 2017





  • Fuck Hereos (prod. Eligh)
    LuckyIAm.PSC (Los Angeles CA) feat. Eligh (Los Angeles CA), Murs (Los Angeles CA), Slug (Minneapolis MN), Sunspot Jonz (Oakland CA)
    Justify The Mean$ (2002)
  • Powda 4 The Hoes (prod. T.C.)
    Dre Dog aka Andre Nickatina (San Francisco CA) feat. Black C (San Francisco CA)
    I hate You With a Passion (1995)
  • Drug Luv (prod. K-Maxx)
    Andre Nickatina (San Francisco CA)
    A Tale of Two Andres (2008)
  • Baking Soda (prod. Caviar)
    Kokane (Pomona CA)
    It's Kokane Not Lemonhead (2017)
  • If U Stay Ready (prod. Dj Quik, Robert "Fonksta" Bacon, G-One
    Suga Free (Pomona CA) feat. Playa Hamm (Los Angeles CA)
    Street Gospel (1997)
  • She Neva Seen (prod. T.D. Camp)
    Mac Dre (Vallejo CA)
    The Genie of Lamp (2004)
  • Its Goin' Down (prod. Tone Capone)
    Celly Cel (Vallejo CA)
    Killa Kali (1996)
  • Bounce to This (prod. Cellski)
    RBL Posse (San Francisco CA)
    Ruthless by Law (1994)
  • Sittin' on Chrome (prod. Ase One)
    Masta Ace Incorporated (Brooklyn NY)
    Sittin' on Chrome (1995)
  • Oh No (prod. Rockwilder)
    Pharahoe Monch (Queens NY) Mos Def (Brooklyn NY), Nate Dogg (Long Beach CA)
    Lyricist Lounge 2 (2000)
  • Off the Books (prod. The Beatnuts)
    The Beatnuts (Queens NY) feat. Big Punisher (The Bronx NY), Cuban Linx (The Bronx NY)
    Stone Crazy (1997)
  • Whatever Man (prod. Erick Sermon)
    Redman (Newark NJ)
    Muddy Waters (1996)
  • Rock Stars (prod. DJ Premiere)
    Non Phixion (Brooklyn NY)
    The Future is Now (2002)
  • Freshest on the Coast (prod. Sapient)
    Al One (Portland OR) feat. Only One (Portland OR), Illmaculate (Portland OR)
    Talk of the Town (2011)

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