Geography Department 106: Run The Jewels (El-P & Killer Mike) Appreciation Show

Written by on March 10, 2018


Hip Hop Legends El-P (Brooklyn NY) & Killer Mike (Atlanta GA) make up the modern hip hop group Run The Jewels. But (which many fans don’t know) is both artists have decades of experience and work with several respected artists in collaboration with impressive discographies, features, and production credits. Both at times had major label influence, at times independent, or owning their own labels.

They are quintessentially what my show represents; a splatter of the physical geographic & cultural hip hop map over the decades.  Importantly they represent overall independent hustle minded individuals that refuse to be boxed in a category despite content, geography, or cultural constriction.

Now with 3 acclaimed albums together, they are performing sold out shows, stadiums, festivals, with Grammy nominations, Academy Award invitations, etc. it is a true Paid Dues story of 2 unlikely members of hip hop culture coming together.

Either Killer Mike as an MC or El-P as an MC/producer appears on all tracks on this show.

Track list is chronological upon release date. TONS of material and full songs couldn’t be squeezed into this hour so many songs are snippets with verses missing. Research it!





  • Juvenile Techniques (prod. El-P)
    Company Flow (Brooklyn NY/Hillside NJ))
    single (1993)
  • 8 Steps to Perfection (prod. El-P)
    Company Flow (Brooklyn NY/Queens NY/Hillside NJ)
    Funcrusher EP (1996)
  • Definitive (prod. El-P)
    Company Flow (Brooklyn NY/Queens NY/Hillside NJ)
    Funcrusher Plus (1997)
  • Looking Over a City (prod. El-P)
    Lyrics Born (Berkely CA), Lateef the Truthspeaker (Oakland CA), El-P (Brooklyn NY)
    Quannum Spectrum (1999)
  • Snappin' & Trappin' (prod. Earthtone III)
    Outkast (Atlanta GA) feat. Killer Mike (Atlanta GA), J-Sweet (?)
    Stankonia (2000)
  • Offspring (prod. El-P)
    Del the Funkee Homosapien (Oakland CA) feat. El-P (Brooklyn NY)
    Both Side of the Brain (2000)
  • The Whole World (prod. Earthtone III)
    Outkast (Atlanta GA) feat. Killer MIke (Atlanta GA)
    Big Boi and Dre Present Outkast (2001)
  • Homecoming (prod. El-P)
    Atmosphere (Minneapolis MN) feat. El-P (Brooklyn NY)
    Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere LPs (2001)
  • Ridiculoid (prod. El-P)
    Cannibal Ox (New York NY) feat. El-P (Brooklyn NY)
    The Cold Vein (2001)
  • DeLorean (prod. El-P)
    El-P (Brooklyn NY) feat. Aesop Rock (Northport NY), Ill BIll (Brooklyn NY)
    Fantastic Damage (2002)
  • Accidents Don't Happen (prod. El-P)
    El-P (Brooklyn NY) feat. Cage (Middletown NY), Camu Tao (Columbus OH)
    Fantastic Damage (2002)
  • A.D.I.D.A.S. (prod. Mr. DJ)
    Killer Mike (Atlanta GA) feat. Big Boi (Atlanta GA), Sleepy Brown (Savannah GA)
    Monster (2003)
  • The Dance (prod. El-P)
    MURS (Los Angeles CA) feat. El-P
    The End of the Beginning (2003)
  • Flip Flop Rock (prod. Big Boi, Mr. DJ)
    Outkast (Atlanta GA) feat. Killer Mike (Atlanta GA), Jay-Z (Brooklyn NY)
    Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (2003)
  • Never Scared (prod. Avery Johnson)
    Bone Crusher (Atlanta GA) feat. Killer Mike (Atlanta GA), T.I. (Atlanta GA)
    AttenCHUN! (2003)
  • Get 'Em Shawty (prod. Three 6 Mafia)
    Killer Mike (Atlanta GA) feat. Three 6 Mafia (Memphis Tn)
    The Killer (2006)
  • Bad Day Worst Day (prod. The Beat Bullies)
    Killer MIke (Atlanta GA)
    Ghetto Extraordinary (2006)
  • Smithereens (prod. El-P)
    El-P (Brookyln NY)
    I'll Sleep When You're Dead (2007)
  • Super Clean/Super Hard (prod. Trycie Jones)
    Killer Mike (Atlanta GA) feat. 8 Ball (Memphis TN) & MJG (Memphis TN)
    I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II (2008)
  • Pressure (prod. The Bizness)
    Killer Mike (Atlanta GA) feat. Ice Cube (Inglewood CA)
    I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind II (2008)
  • Ready Set Go (prod. NO I.D.)
    Killer Mike (Atlanta GA) feat. T.I. (Atlanta GA)
    PL3DGE (2011)
  • Butane (prod. El-P)
    Killer Mike (Atlanta GA) feat. El-P (Brooklyn NY)
    R.A.P. Music (2012)

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